Bringing The Bunker Trades Together Reveals A Secret For Readers

In an interview earlier this week, artist Joe Infurnari revealed that his series with writer Joshua Hale Fialkov, The Bunker, might hold some interesting secrets in the way the trade collection has been designed.

When I asked him if he had done "anything unique or special" regarding the collected volumes of The Bunker, Vol. 2 of which has been released this week, he said:

Yeah, we did something special for the design of the trades. When people get their Volume 2's home with their Volume 1, they'll see what we mean. The idea is that as we delve into this story, the interrelationships of these characters become more and more complicated and the dark corners and dangerous recesses in the bunker begin resemble a maze or a trap.

Wow. Well, today, I managed to get a superbly lit photograph of the double covers together, and what I see makes me strongly suggest that retailers arrange these trades side by side for display and sale. I mean, just look at this:


6LbwXB7LcxInAdSGQnb6CzgdXImiAwb0-BuKTAHEoboMUlzFNeYtwLzi5RTNRxYIvoo4dslNTgcoEG50ERrtWc1879pCJLDphHkNlHQHsuQ38TZbFhr30aTVn4zL5aiLfsECh6t9kEHIuReSnw_HniROeKlRSbkxCEDl2KqdXYYbGWekT3mvfweIesLD8y_yZdqkFua71hl9Drusko4vI4RLKFreaky stuff from the mind of Joe Infurnari, with the layout leading you deeper into the maze.

The Bunker #11 came out this Wednesday, June 3rd in comic shops and online, as was the second collected trade paperback of The Bunker (Vol. 2) from Oni Press! You can also find Vol. 1 right here.

The original artwork for both the cover of issue #11 of The Bunker and for the cover of the second trade volume of The Bunker have also just been added to Joe Infurnari's collection of original art for purchase. You can find all that and more right here.

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