Captain Phasma #2 Review- The Hunt Continues

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Cover to Captain Phasma #2 by Paul Renaud
Captain Phasma #2

Captain Phasma of the First Order continues her pursuit of Lieutenant Sol Rivas. This leads the Captain to a planet called Luprora. It's largely uncharted and uninhabited by sentient life, or so the records say.

With dangerous terrain and unknown lifeforms awaiting, the hunt for Rivas has become very complicated. However, it's better than allowing the lieutenant to report Phasma's treachery.

Following an explosive first issue, Captain Phasma #2 continues with an intense search and a relentless Phasma. With a hapless and unknowing pilot at her side, Phasma will stop at nothing to kill Rivas.

The book's tension relies heavily on Phasma herself. She is an intense and frightening character. The lengths she is going to in her mission are boundless. She is a trained hunter and killer, and you almost feel bad for the pilot, whom Phasma is likely ready to kill at a moment's notice.

Art from Captain Phasma #2 by Marco Checchetto
Captain Phasma #2 art by Marcho Checchetto

The action of the book great too, with a massive, tentacled sea beast becoming the main antagonist of this issue. Phasma fights it in a most brutal style worthy of the soldier she has shown herself to be.

There is an enjoyable discomfort—as weird as that sounds—with every sentient being Phasma meets on her quest. She will not allow anyone to undermine her or threaten her, and she is not the kind to take chances as we've seen. She will likely apply a scorched earth strategy to this personal mission, killing everyone she met once Rivas is dead.

Marco Checchetto's art continues to astonish with another gorgeous issue full of gleaming armor, brilliant alien landscapes, and an imposing Phasma. Color artist Andres Mossa gives the world texture and life with a skillfully-chosen color palette.

Captain Phasma #2 continues the hot streak of the first issue, with writer Kelly Thompson laying down an epic tale for a classic Star Wars character in the making. I highly recommend this issue.

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