Carnage Aims to Steal Elf Jobs in Carnage #6

Carnage is heading to Svartálfheim in August for Carnage #6, the start of a new story arc for the series. According to a marvel press release, Carnage is looking to steal the job (and the throne) of Malekith. Way to kick a guy when he's down. He's still hurting from losing that super-mega-crossover event a couple years ago.

Carnage Does Hela Cosplay for Cover of August's Carnage #6

The press release headlined "Carnage Goes to Hell" says:

Carnage, one of Marvel's most terrifying villains, is proving to be deadlier than ever in his brand-new ongoing series by writer Ram V. and artists Francesco Manna and Rogê Antônio.

Adrift and alone, the Carnage symbiote is free and ready to give in to his most sinister cravings as he unleashes his chaos on the Marvel Universe in this visceral new era. The series enters its second arc this August, and fans will see just how big Carnage's ambitions are as he heads to the realm of the Dark Elves for an enticing prize: the throne of Malekith!

The Carnage symbiote has a bloodlust unlike any other organism in the Marvel Universe. Now, its ruthless and aggressive efforts to quench that bloodlust will reach new and never before seen heights. But what in the Hel is Carnage up to, and what will it do to anyone who gets in its way?!

Now that the pandemic is over, Carnage is traveling wherever he can, and who can blame him?! But because he's a villain, he refuses to wear a mask. Booo!

Symbiotebronies — that's the colloquial term for hardcore fans of Marvel's symbioteverse — should look for Carnage #6 in stores this August, from Ram V and Roge Antonio, and with a cover by Kendrick "Kunkka" Lim.

Written by RAM V
On Sale in August

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