Children of the Atom, a New Dawn of X Comic Coming in April

Marvel has teased yet another X-Men comic to debut in April, with an unspecified creative team. All we know is that the comic will be called Children of the Atom, and features the following cover with Angel, Cyclops, Gambit, Nightcrawler, and Jean Grey. We can also tell by the signature that R.B. Silva drew the cover, though whether or not he will draw interiors is unknown.

Children of the Atom, a New Dawn of X Comic Coming in April

As far as a creative team, we know that Vita Ayala is set to write an as-yet-unannounced X-Men comic, though tweets earlier this week indicated Storm would play a big role and she's not featured on this cover. Editor Chris Robinson also recently implied that we would soon meet a new class of X-kids, but as this cover features adult X-Men, so it doesn't seem to be that either.

Either way, the X-Men line continues to grow as Marvel looks to saturate the market and collect more dollars from X-Men readers, thus preventing them from buying books by the competition in the mighty Marvel manner. Start speculating, folks!

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