In Christmas Bargain Shopping, The Punisher's First Appearance Dropping To Record Lows

It's been a great month for those looking to pick up an Amazing Spider-Man #129, the first appearance of the Punisher, as the price has dropped to the lowest they have ever been in recorded CGC sales at CGC 9.8.

Amazing Spider-Man #129It is not as if this is an incredibly rare book anymore, with 557 copies graded at 9.4 or higher by CGC, 46 of them at 9.8, and the market is beginning to catch on to that lack of scarcity. This past Thursday, a CGC 9.8 copy of #129, with off-white to white pages, sold for just $4,000, the third-lowest price according to the CGC sale-tracking website, Less than two weeks before that, on December 11, another 9.8, also with off-white to white pages, sold for only $3,751, the lowest-recorded sale of this issue.

Only once this year has there been a sale where the price was higher than the lowest price last year, and not by much relatively speaking, with one sale for $5,801 in September, with last year's lowest sale having been $5,378. The average price in 2011 is $4,699 over seven sales, down dramatically from the average price of $7,990 over seven sales in 2010.

A similar downturn can be found at lower grades too. The 2011 average price for CGC 9.6 is down over $200 from 2010, while the six of the last seven sales at CGC 9.4 have been below $1,000 after posting an average sale price of $1,043 in 2010 and $1,127 in 2009.

With sales of the monthly Punisher and PunisherMAX being little to write home about, ranking 88th and 126th respectively in sales for the month of November, and with another movie still years away, there is little reason to see this downward trend stopping in 2012.

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