Christopher Priest And Phil Noto Explore Inhumans Early Days In Once And Future Kings Mini-Series

Cover by Nick Bradshaw

Marvel is currently holding court at the Diamond Retailer Summit ahead of C2E2, where Bleeding Cool has eyes, ears, and noses on the ground, sniffing out stories (and occasionally butts) and posting them here for your reading pleasure. At their presentation, Marvel is likely announcing the return of Christopher Priest to Marvel to write Inhumans: Once And Future Kings with artist Phil Noto. Concurrently, however, Marvel media partners CBR had a prefab EXCLUSIVE interview with Priest ready to go which has so much synergy with Marvel's marketing it doesn't even mention the artist in the headline.

Priest spoke on his relationship with Marvel in the interview:

Marvel has always been home. And it's not like I've been in exile; I've had many conversations with the company over the years, but could never find quite the right project at the right time. Landing "OAFK" was really too easy. It was a project I wanted to do and something Marvel wanted me to do. I was a little shell-shocked at how easy the handshake was. We'd typically had these multi round-robins looking for projects or my pitching my own, which is [gouges his eyes out] exasperating for both for editors and talent.

The book will follow the Inhumans' royal family in the past, set right after Black Bolt undergoes Terrigenesis. And despite it being "the death knell" for comics without Star Wars in the title, the book will be a mini-series, running for five issues.

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