Could Civil War 2 #7 See Return Of Character Killed Earlier In Event?! (SPOILERS… Maybe)

Whenever a character dies in comics, fans know that it's only a matter of time before they return, usually in an overhyped _______ REBORN issue with loads of variant covers. We comic book readers are smart like that. We know how comics work. No matter what Tom Brevoort and Nick Spencer have been telling you.

However, Marvel appears to be upping the ante with their latest big character return, as War Machine is back in Civil War 2 #7, according to a thinly veiled advertisement an EXXXCLUSIVE preview that ran on CBR last night, which was co-opted for a clickbait headline thrilling expose by Newsarama this morning. James Rhodes was killed earlier in Civil War 2 as part of the traditional senseless killing of a black character to spike event sales a meaningful and impactful moment written by master storyteller Brian Bendis, but in Civil War 2 #7, War Machine is back, baby!

Civil War 2 #7 art by David Marquez
Civil War 2 #7 art by David Marquez

Or is he?! Earlier this year, Bendis hinted that Riri Williams could be filling the War Machine mantle later in the story, as reported by Bleeding Cool (pip pip) and seemingly corroborated in a follow-up teaser. And though Riri is currently starring in Invincible Iron Man, where she will actually go by the name of Ironheart, unless Marvel is sued by a Japanese porn producer for ripping off the name, the events of Civil War 2 actually take place months ago, despite Invincible Iron Man being published right now, thanks to Marvel's complete lack of competence as a publisher unforeseen delays that are clearly nobody's fault. What I'm saying is, that could be her.

Now, who said we didn't understand how comics work again? You need a degree in quantum physics just to read the damn things without your brain exploding.

Anyway, in all likelihood, that's Riri in the suit, which Newsarama knows well enough, but Character Who Has Already Moved Past This Story In Her Own Book Shows Up In Perpetually-Delayed Event Comic doesn't make for nearly as enticing a headline, now does it?

Civil War 2 #7 is "scheduled" to be released on November 23, so we'll sort all of this out then, and we can all get a nice new clickbait headline out of it. Everybody wins.

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