Comic Stores to Get an Exclusive Mister Miracle Hardcover by Tom King and Mitch Gerads

The Mister Miracle trade paperback, collecting Tom King and Mitch Gerads' latest masterpiece for DC Comics, came out last week. When I was in Orbital Comics this week, they told me it was selling at ridiculously huge numbers.

But some people like to spend even more money on a book like that.

At the ComicsPRO Presentation by DC Comics President Dan DiDio, he recognised the success that retailers had with the collection, also a week ahead of when non-direct market bookstores got it in. And that DC Comics would be making available a comic store-exclusive hardcover edition of Mister Miracle #1=#12. With, probably, a few added bits in.

Mister Miracle took the Jack Kirby character – as well as a number of New Gods characters and concepts, and transformed it into a treatise on death, life and family. By also channelling the vibe of Alan Moore and Bill Sienkiewicz' Big Numbers. Except that rather than only see the first two issues published, the third existing as photocopies and the fourth issue destroyed, it was published in full.

And is now getting a hardcover too. Just for the comic book stores…

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