Why Don't Sports And Comics Cross Over More Often?

Sports and geekdom, two entities that are almost doomed to not get along, if their respective fanbases are to be believed. For years, the stigmas of being a sports fan or a geek were at war with each other. High school cliques and social norms reinforced, you couldn't possibly be into both, even into adulthood. The worlds just don't mix, with sports and geeks always looking down on one another, forcing those who DID enjoy both to be an exception, not the rule. But why is that? Why don't sports and comics cross over more, especially when they have so much in common with each other?

Why Don't Sports And Comics Cross Over More Often?
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Sports & Comics Are A Perfect Match For Each Other

I mean, come on, the obvious parallels are there: two entities locked in an epic struggle for supremacy, as heroes and sometimes villains try to overcome every obstacle in their way to reach the ultimate triumph. The stars of various sports are real-life superheroes. They are larger than life, good people who do things for others (for the most part. hey: even heroes have bad eggs), and their stories are told over and over and passed down as lore for generations. What sports fans and geeks do not realize is that they crossover more than they can understand.

So why are there not more crossovers? Why do they mostly fail? Sure, there are promotional images here and there, but let's get some cool stories out of this. Remember DC Comics Strange Sports Stories? Give us a one-shot every quarter. Have athletes write it. Marvel loves their variant covers; give us a sports-themed month now and again. Let's merge these two worlds more. There are untapped fans of both that might get excited about it if you give them more than a promotional image, they can just make their computer background.

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