The Daily LITG, 18th January 2020, Happy Birthday Ryan Benjamin

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The 10 most-read stories yesterday

  1. DC Comics April 2020 Solicitations Frankensteined
  2. Marvel Comics Solicitations April 2019 – 19 Solicits From X-Factor to New Warriors, Frankensteined
  3. Vita Ayala and Bernard Chang Introduce New Gen Z X-Men in Children of the Atom this April
  4. Joker War is Coming to Batman Comics, And it Starts in April
  5. Does Nightwing Get His Dick Back in April?! Or are DC's Solicitations Confused?
  6. Will Batman: Three Jokers by Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok Be Solicited Today? (Answer: NO)
  7. "Psych 2: Lassie Come Home": Shawn & Gus Are On the Case [IMAGE]
  8. Jonathan Hickman Says You Don't Have to Buy Every X-Men Book if You Don't Want to
  9. Joker, Joker, and More Joker in DC Comics Full April 2020 Solicitations (Did We Mention Joker?)
  10. Punisher Creator Gerry Conway Speaks Out Against QAnon Appropriation Of Punisher Logo

One year ago…

  1. Samuel L. Jackson Tells Jimmy Fallon How He Became Nick Fury
  2. Final Fantasy XIV's Blue Mage Job is Completely Ridiculous
  3. Kate Mulgrew Shares Her Favorite 'Star Trek: Voyager' Memory
  4. 12 DC Comics Covers Revealed – Rob Liefeld's Superman, Artgerm's Wonder Woman, Frank Cho's Catwoman and More
  5. LATE: Doomsday Clock #9

And the 100 most-read stories of 2019 right here.

Happening today…

And a happy birthday to…

The Daily LITG, 18th January 2020, Happy Birthday Ryan Benjamin

  • Ryan Benjamin, artist on Ghost, Suicide Squad, Grifter and WildCATS
  • Ryvre Hardrick of G-Mart Comics, Chicago
  • Charles Yoakum, inker on Turok, Grackle, Trinity Angels, Eternal Warrior
  • Leonard Sultana, comics journalist

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