Dan DiDio Talks About Rich Johnston

Former DC Comics publisher Dan DiDio was the latest guest of Dan Shahin on his Comic Book News YouTube show. They talked about a lot, including a brief mention of a certain 5G initiative. I will probably get a couple more pieces out if it but I'm in a self0-serving mood right now, so why not find out what he said about yours truly? He was doing a spin-the-wheel game asked to comment on whoever's name pops up as 'Hero Or Villain'. And mine did. So what did Dan DiDio have to say now that he can, basically, say anything he wants? From all accounts, he doesn't have an NDA…

"Rich serves a purpose in the industry, I hate to say that. I have been at points of complete aggravation and anger with him, but the reality is if he wasn't doing it someone else would, that's just how this stuff works. If you look at every industry at every business, there's someone in there attacking at certain levels, pulling the information out, superseding announcements

"I have a problem when it's personal. Never cared about stories… of course I did, I cared about stories leaking. But you can talk to every retailer and every retailer to his day still says I've never lost a sale because of a leaked story. I get that all the time, they want the information out there.

"My goal was to not engage, because I didn't want to be part of the story. My job was to put out comics that were entertaining, not to police the industry."

I do understand Dan's position, and sometimes it's true, I do get into the personal stuff. So when Dan Shahin brought up Eddie Berganza's name, Dan DiDio declined to say anything bout him, and it's true, back in the day, I did.

More to come, or you can beat me to it by watching the full two hours.

Dan DiDio Talks About Rich Johnston

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