DC-Loving Long Beach Mayor Wants DC to Be More Like Marvel

Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia has long been known for his unabashed love of DC Entertainment. One of the country's leading Snyderbronies, Garcia rode his popularity with fellow DC-loving constituents to a second term as mayor in 2018. Where Garcia has in the past used his power to call for the firing of Eddie Berganza, encourage DC fans to embrace positivity, hide secret DC fanboy tributes in the construction of a new civic center, feud with Robert Kirkman over zombie comics, and demand the Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad, now he hopes to expand upon that power with a run for Congress.

DC-Loving Long Beach Mayor Wants DC to Be More Like Marvel
Official photo of Mayor Robert Garcia (https://www.longbeach.gov/mayor/)

He has previously laid out his campaign promises on Twitter…

But it was only after a recent report from Variety hinting at shakeups in DC Entertainment that could see DC looking for a Kevin Feige like messiah figure to bring unity to the DC Entertainment vision that Garcia hinted at his true desires for affecting change.

Will Garcia make DC superiority an official part of his campaign platform? It would seem to be in Garcia's political interests to do so. Just as Justice League rode the wave of Synderbrony popularity to winning an award for greatest movie scene of all time at the Oscars, so too could Garcia ride that same wave toward national political power. And with hardcore Batman fan Patrick Leahy set to retire from the Senate, it leaves Congress with a power vacuum only another true DC aficionado can fill.

Could Garcia fill that role? Time will tell, but hopefully, Snyderbronies and other DC fans will show Garcia the same support he shows them and demand the people of California release the Garcia cut on Washington DC.

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