Delta 13 #2 Review: Predictable, Lifeless, and Visually Unappealing

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The team's drone finds a massive structure within the asteroid before disappearing. The captain wants to investigate despite crew protests, and they find a way inside the structure. There they find a woman tied up in wires and surviving in the cold and airless structure. The captain brings her back onto the ship.

Delta 13 #2 cover by Nat Jones
Delta 13 #2 cover by Nat Jones

I wanted to try Delta 13 again because there were some ideas within that showed potential. Plus, I'm a nerd for both sci-fi and horror, so I hoped this one would pan out.

Unfortunately, those hopes are left unfulfilled. Delta 13 #2 is a dull and lifeless comic. It goes through the motions of sci-fi/horror without putting any spin upon it. The characters are uninteresting, and the mystery isn't presented in any way that makes me want to see it solved.

The pacing is a bit wonky too. It jumps ahead at random as if to say, "Yeah, you know what happens here." When the comic does decide to show us the conversations, it is usually repeated clichés and nonsensical decision announcement.

It's painfully easy to start calling shots too. The story is so painfully predictable and has nothing of interest to throw at the reader.

Delta 13 #2 art by Nat Jones
Delta 13 #2 art by Nat Jones

The artwork doesn't improve either, and that really hurts the comic. Sci-fi/horror often relies on having interesting and ominous visuals to present to the audience, but Delta 13 has nothing of the sort. The world is left vague and under-detailed, and the characters aren't given enough unique signifiers. The monochromatic color work makes the world blend together into a blue-gray mush, and there's not enough play with shading or shadow to give depth or distinction to the environment.

Delta 13 #2 doesn't improve on the disappointing first issue. The characters are dull, the story is lacking energy, and the art is badly undercooked. I can't recommend this one. Give it a pass.

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