Digital Terror! How Charlie Adlard Saw Cyberspace in 1993, Via Marvel Unlimited

We like to keep tabs on Marvel's weekly updates to Marvel Unlimited because, even with their monthly announcements of which comics are hitting the service, they tend to drop surprise releases of newly digitized classic comics on the digital subscription service each week as well. Yesterday, we highlighted some issues of Marvel Team-Up that unexpectedly debuted on Marvel Unlimited this week, and today we've got two more, both from the classic anthology series Marvel Comics Presents.

Since Marvel Comics Presents is an anthology series, Marvel often digitizes just a single story out of the four usually featured in each issue, and that's the case here. First up is a 2-part story from Marvel Comics Presents #143-144 called Digital Terror!, by writer Cefn Ridout and longtime Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard, with colors and letters by Woodrow Phoenix. This story sees the Scarlet Witch go up against Pixil, a digital villain she meets after getting sucked into the late 90s version of Cyberspace. Yeah, it's as weird and awesome as you're imagining.
Digital Terror! 2 Classic Stories from Marvel Comics Presents Added to Marvel Unlimited This Week

The second set of additions come from Marvel Comics Presents #169-173, and includes multiple short stories tying into the crossover, Hands of the Mandarin, which also ran in Iron Man, War Machine, and Force Works back in 1994.

Of the two additions, the weird Scarlet Witch story with Charlie Adlard art is definitely the most interesting artifact of a bygone conception of the internet. Grab yourself a subscription to Marvel Unlimited if you want to read these and over 20,000 other classic comics.


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