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Trina Robbins, Derek Charm Bring Patsy Walker to Marvel Unlimited
Patsy Walker is getting back to her roots on Marvel Unlimited with a new digital comic by the legendary Trina Robbins and an artist perfectly suited to the task, Derek Charm Set in 1955, the new Patsy Walker comic is a teen romance and fashion comic in the vein of Walker's original adventures. From the press[...]
Marvel Launches 'Who Is' Scarlet Witch & America Chavez Digital Comics
We've had What If, now we have Who Is, a new digital Infinity vertical comic for Marvel's Marvel Unlimited streaming comics service With introductions to the comic book histories of Wanda Maximoff, The Scarlet Witch (as it now stands at least) as well as America Chavez, handily ahead of the Doctor Strange Into the Multiverse[...]
Marvel Unlimited Drops All X Lives & Death Of Wolverine Ahead Of Time
Marvel Unlimited used to add comic books to its all-you-can-eat streaming service six months after publication in print and digital at full price Then after thre months And now… whenever they feel like. Marvel Unlimited Drops All X Lives & Death Of Wolverine Ahead Of Time Now Marvel Unlimited has just published the recently-released ten-part X Lives[...]
Marvel Teases Marvel Unlimited Infinity Future For 2022
Last year, Marvel Comics announced a new line of original digital comic books designed for the medium and distributed through Marvel Unlimited, the company's all-you-can-read subscription comics service "Infinity Comics" is a new line of exclusive comics that have been specifically designed for the vertical form factor of a modern smartphone, with scrolling panels that fill the[...]
Marvel Comics Launches Alligator Loki Comic On Marvel Unlimited
Today they launched a new Marvel Unlimited Infinity comic, running weekly for twelve weeks, by Alyssa Wong, Bob Quinn and Pete Pantazis The first chapter is also a silent comic, as Alligator Loki doesn't speak And so neither does anyone else. Marvel Unlimited Infinity The 12-part Infinity Comic will roll out every other Friday, exclusively on the[...]
Spider-Man Stars in New Marvel Fairy Tales Infinity Comic
That's a giant beanstalk growing outside the headquarters of the Daily Bugle in the upcoming Infinity Comics, Marvel Fairy Tales. Announced in a press release on, Marvel Fairy Tales is a four-issue Infinity Comic on Marvel Unlimited by writer Ryan North and "an all-star team of artists including Jay Fosgitt, Dax Gordine, and Gustavo Duarte."[...]
Marvel Special Release X Lives Of Wolverine On Marvel Unlimited
Without letting comic book retailers know, Marvel Comics has decided to "special release" X Lives Of Wolverine #1 by Benjamin Percy, Joshua Cassara and Frank Martin published today, free to Marvel Unlimited subscribers Marvel's big release for January 2022 is now part of the streaming service In terms of impact, this might be akin to[...]
Marvel Unlimited Leaked A Bunch of January Comics Last Night
At about 2am while I was asleep (after burning through the new Toast) Marvel Unlimited updated with a bunch of comic books that weren't meant to come to Marvel Unlimited for six months Indeed, some of them hadn't even been published in print They didn't stay up for long, but then included X-Men #7 and[...]
Wolverine Stars in New Marvel Unlimited Holiday Special
Wolverine will star in a new Holiday Special one-shot on Marvel Unlimited: Mighty Marvel Holiday Special – Happy Holidays, Mr Howlett Infinity Comic #1 by Ryan North and Nathan Stockman. The solicit asks: It's the holiday season, and the X-Men are throwing a party to celebrate! But one X-Man isn't feeling very festive… what will it take[...]
Marvel Unlimited Is Down Due To Amazon Web Services Outages
If you are a user of the Marvel Unlimited or Marvel Insider services, you will notice that they are not operating as normal at the moment and we now have an answer as to why  Amazon Web Services has reported they are experiencing a widespread outage today and that has affected many different websites and[...]
Juggernaut Gets New Armour And New Team in X-Men Unlimited
Today sees the return of the weekly Marvel Unlimited exclusive Infinity digital comics series X-Men Unlimited And sees Fabian Nicieza return to bother the Juggernaut and his co-creation, Deadpool, with artist Matthew Horak by way of Krakoa! And it seems that The Juggernaut is now part of his own super-team… I like it, Juggernaut! So who[...]
Lucky the Pizza Dog Gets His Own Infinity Comic on Marvel Unlimited
Marvel still hasn't added basic features like reading playlists or proper browse functionality to the Marvel Unlimited app, but on the bright side, they did just add a brand infinity comic one-shot starring Lucky the Pizza Dog, capitalizing on the canine's expected newfound fame from the Hawkeye TV series that launches today and the flood[...]
Finally, Another Spider-Man Series, Spine-Tingling Spider-Man on MU
Because U demanded it! Answering fan demand that has long said that there simply are not enough Spider-Man comics published by Marvel, Marvel has finally announced another Spider-Man series, Spine-Tingling Spider-Man, an Infinite Comic debuting on Marvel Unlimited next week Spine-Tingling Spider-Man joins the barren field of Spider-Man comics published by Marvel that only includes[...]
The New Marvel Unlimited is Still Missing the Most Basic Feature
Marvel's newly revamped Marvel Unlimited app features a sleek interface and even some exclusive content, but it still lacks the most basic feature that would improve the user experience by leaps and bounds: reading "playlists." The current Marvel Unlimited binge-reading experience is great if all you want to read is a single series at a time[...]
Marvel Launches Venom/Carnage Digital Series on Marvel Unlimited
Marvel continues to push its revamped Marvel Unlimited app with another digital comic, Venom/Carnage, available on the platform today You can read the first issue of Venom/Carnage now, from Karla Pacheco, Scott Hepburn, and Ian Herring New issues will come out every Wedenesday, like the other weekly digital comics designed for phones and tablets that[...]