Ditko Monsters Holds Up As An Entertaining Compilation Of the Classics

IDW collects the classic works of Steve Ditko and Joe Gill's Gordo and Konga, compiling them into a double feature graphic novel in stores now.

Although lesser known than his contemporary Stan Lee, Ditko made his mark in the industry by taking the "Marvel Method" and elevating the medium into the art form known worldwide. This method consisted of the artist drawing a concise and virtually completed comic and then handing it off to the writer to fill in the literary blanks. It's this very method that led to the contention and rumor than Stan Lee did not warrant the credit he garnered through his career and lent to the rumor that the artists were the true visionaries and Lee merely connected the dots they placed on the pages.

Ditko Monsters Holds Up As An Entertaining Compilation Of the Classics

Shortcomings of credit aside, this method demonstrated that Ditko is both an artist and storyteller. This compilation, paired with writer Joe Gill, who also holds a place as one of the most prolific writers in comic history, has more than earned its place as a merited re-printing. With both men beginning their professional tenure at Timely Comics (the predecessor to Marvel), this trade brings the vibe of old-school comics elevated to the level of entertainment that only the greats can achieve.

Ditko Monsters Holds Up As An Entertaining Compilation Of the Classics

Both stories feature a monster, accidentally disturbed from their status quo to raise hell and fight the ignorance of man who would try to tame the mythical and fantastic beasts. Although they may be the stories you know, the aesthetic of classic comics and exaggerating writing styles is a more than entertaining read. The colors are bright and contrasting while the writing is overstated, but hold up to anything new being released currently.

April kicks off the beginning of the Comic Con season, with 11 worldwide cons this month alone, and Avengers Endgame wrapping up a decade-long endeavor. Ditko Monsters is a great tribute to some of the stories that started this all.

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