Did Donald Trump's Lawyers Threaten To Have Bloom County Creator's "**** In A Sling" Over A Facebook Meme?

Earlier today, the official Facebook page for Berkeley Breathed's Bloom County comic strip posted a letter purportedly from the legal team of President Donald Trump:


The comment posted along with the photo read, "Arrived this morning. Full disclosure around here. –Mgmt." The photos of Trump that the letter refers to are of this sort:



The story has been reported on Uproxx with no hint of irony, but a brief glance at the letter shows that Donald Trump's supposed lawyers used the phrase "we will have your **** in a sling by lunch," which, even for Donald Trump — yes, we know — but even for Donald Trump, is unlikely to be something put into a real cease and desist letter. In a tweet, sure. In a speech at the Holocaust Museum? Absolutely. But not in a legal letter. That's almost certainly the one thing he's good at!

In case anyone had their doubts that the letter is a hoax, comics journalism zine kingpin Christian Hoffer contacted the legal firm to check:

So it looks likely Donald Trump did not, in fact, threaten the creator of Bloom County over a Facebook meme. But the point is, it was 100% plausible that he could have.

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