Earth One Aquaman Being Repurposed by Francis Manapul For DC Comics 5G?

The other day, Bleeding Cool ran some mindless speculation regarding the recent Wonder Woman Annual and how it might potentially feed into DC's 5G which will involve DC Comics relaunching their major characters with new characters in the leads. Luke Fox as Batman, Jonathan Kent as Superman, a child of Captain Boomerang as the Flash, and either Teen Lantern or the Far Sector lead as Green Lantern. That sort of thing. You can catch up with this handy tag.

Anyway, we speculated that new/old character Helen Paul, now with a new spoilery name, might be a candidate for a Wonder Woman replacement. That wasn't sourced to anyone, it was just speculation…. and we now learn that it was very, very wrong. Always good to be wrong about things sometimes.

But we have learned something about else the new 5G Aquaman. That is sourced in the usual fashion. From the usual suspects. With the usual reliability. Whatever you think that may mean.

We have been told that the Aquaman treatment for 5G will be from Francis Manapul. And that it will a repurposing of a number of his original plans for the formerly-announced-then-delayed Aquaman Earth One story, part of a series of original graphic novels published by DC as a separate continuity.

Originally planned for 2015, it repeatedly delayed as Manapul became busy on other projects, including Trinity, No Justice and his current Justice League run. He has Justice League #35 out tomorrow. But then?

I don't know how, or who, Aquaman will be in this story, now who it will be changed from its original plans, but it will be a handy way to reuse the materials already prepared. And bring them back into the DCU Timeline…

5G Aquaman


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