Eat The Rich #3 Review: Horrifying

Whoa. Well, the public perception of the moneyed class has definitely taken some hits in recent years, but Eat The Rich #3 posits a situation where things are so much worse than we thought. With murder, cannibalism, and the exploitation of vulnerable populations as the opening act, it may shock you to find that it gets worse in the best possible way.

Eat The Rich #3 Review: Horrifying
Eat The Rich #3 Cover. Credit: BOOM! Studios

This book, at its heart, is horrifying. A Martha's Vineyard-styled vacation community for the one percent called Crestfall Bluffs has a culture unto itself. Employees are signed to long-term contracts, which provide world-class health care, benefits, and salaries to people who otherwise would not have that kind of access. This enormous largesse comes at a cost — at "retirement," the employees are murdered and eaten by their employers. A young woman called Joey learns all this horrible history and how it used to be worse from the mother of her boyfriend, Astor. The flashbacks are upsetting, both in their "kinder" moments and in moments of bloody savagery. The last reveal is a jaw-dropper.

Sarah Galley's script intentionally plays the genteel perception of the ultra-rich with the bloodthirsty realities they apply. The writing here is subversive and coy. The visuals presented by Pius Bak, Roman Titov, and Cardinal Rae imply more than they show, which makes the horror all the more creepy.

The only possible criticism here would be that most of the supporting characters — especially Astor, who seems particularly checked out — are not getting well fleshed out. The put-upon nanny, aware of her fate, is glimpsed here but not heard. That makes sense for the arguable antagonists here (or is the system really the problem?), but for the narrative, it diminishes the impact to have so few perspectives with so many faces.

Still, this is a book that will likely freak you out, and if you like being freaked out, that's worth slapping down your greenbacks and grabbing a copy. RATING: BUY.

Eat The Rich #3
By Sarah Galley, Pius Bak
Still uncertain about what she saw in Pip's office, Joey confides in Kitty … but Kitty's response only confuses her more, leaving Joey with no choice but to play along with the family. Until Fourth of July, when at a party Joey suspects what she thought she saw then is happening again. Can Joey come to terms with what is really happening in Crestfall Bluffs and can she still walk away alive?

Eat The Rich #3

Eat The Rich #3 Review: Horrifying
Review by Hannibal Tabu

Whatever bad things you've heard people think about the rich, this creepy title says, "hold my Cristal," and goes so much farther.

Eric Harburn, Elizabeth Brei

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