Entertainment Company Attempts To Come Full Circle With Comic Convention App

Josh Calvert writes for Bleeding Cool:

K.C. Murdock has always loved the Comic Convention lifestyle. It's hustle and bustle, the way it weaved in and out of everyone's lives, and in the largest scope, K.C. loved the content being fed to the public by these conventions. Three years ago K.C. attended a C2E2 with his cell phone camera and thus, Down The Road Show was born.

Down The Road Show attracted the attention of a slew of guests and interviews including Tricia Helfer and Chris Hardwick just to name a few. K.C. parlayed this success into a panel moderating gig, if only on a part time basis. Part time because Mr. Murdock was working on something more. The concept would become Chronicles of Comic Con. A part interview, part on-the-spot skit show featuring some of the entertainment worlds most popular actors.

And then…Nothing. Months of silence. A man that everyone had come to know in the Comic Convention Circuit just disappeared. Little did anyone know that man of many talents was cultivating his most adventurous idea yet. A smartphone application called Con Centric.

ConCentricIn the months of silence, Murdock was assembling his team, the team that would become the LLC Murdock Worldwide Entertainment. And Con Centric would technically be the first offering to the world under his M.W.E. banner. Con Centric is the first app to consolidate organize and streamline your Comic Convention schedule. "The goal with Con Centric" K.C. says "is to make all the information you're looking for easier to access by putting it into one free app that can be used to find friends in your network that are attending the con, as well as schedule which panels youre planning to see and also, through our scavenger hunts explore the world of artist you may love and those you may not even know."

ScavengerQuestions arose about allowing the application to remain free beyond the beta version. "It's a main goal of M.W.E. to allow this app to remain free in every incarnation. Without ads. The revenue will come from the pro's who we contract with to put their appearance information on app, and from the conventions themselves that want to reach their core demo in just two or three keystrokes. The use of the application in this way assures that the well known artist or must see panel will get as much exposure as the first time freelance comic book artist who may be a first time exhibitor."

K.C. envisions a world of conventions at the users fingertips. It is within the scope of Con Centric, to seemingly garner interest from other types of conventions, from the smallest Tech convention, to the most widespread and well known Construction convention.

The idea of an application for the people, by the people is not one that's lost on M.W.E. Con Centric, being in it's conceptual stage has a kickstarter that launched a month or so ago. By taking this step into the realm of crowdfunding M.W.E. has allowed unparalled incentives to both kinds of users, convention professionals and atendees.

This type of innovative vision coupled with the approach may indeed spell success for the fledgling idea, and allow Murdock Worldwide Entertainment to enjoy similar success in this forum as it has in the other realms it's ventured into previously.

To back Con Centric on Kickstarter click here.


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