Everything That Happened At New York Comic Con On Bleeding Cool So Far In Over 200 Posts


So, a lot happened at New York Comic Con last week, and Bleeding Cool reporters were on hand to report it all. There's plenty more coming down the pipe, but here's what Bleeding Cool has run so far….

  1. "What You Are Seeing In Rocket Girl Is Me Being Happy" – Amy Reeder, NYCC's Special Guest For 2014
  2. From One Side Of New York Comic Con 2014 To The Other During Set Up – In Pictures And Video
  3. And Finally… Get Tattooed To Get Your Ghost Fleet Secret Con Swag At NYCC 2014
  4. Grant Morrison Draws Jack Kirby's Captain Victory And The Galactic Rangers
  5. Valiant Unleashes Quote Covers For One Dollar Debut Books
  6. Worlds Unite Brings Mega Man And Sonic The Hedgehog Back Together Again
  7. Midtown Bring Their Exclusives To NYCC 2014
  8. Avatar Signings Include Max Brooks, Mike Costa, Garth Ennis, Kieron Gillen, Justin Jordan, And Simon Spurrier
  9. The Women And Men Of Bleeding Cool At New York Comic-Con 2014
  10. Preview The Oceanic Fantasy Developments In Anne Bonnie #3 And Get Your Copy At NYCC
  11. Image Comics Exclusives For NYCC 2014
  12. Valiant Exclusives For NYCC 2014
  13. Owen Michael Johnson And John Pearson Invite You To Board The Beast Wagon At Thought Bubble UK
  14. Action Lab Exclusives For NYCC 2014
  15. Put On Your Black Mask At New York Comic Con
  16. Enormous Exclusives For NYCC 2014
  17. IDW Exclusives For NYCC 2014
  18. Coffee Talk With Monsters And Dragons
  19. Finding Variants In The Crowd
  20. And Finally… The Fear Of A Horse Running Amok On The Streets Of New York City
  21. How To Survive In A Dystopian World
  22. Dynamite To Publish Over-Sized Vampirella #100
  23. How Disney's Frozen Is Finally Going To Give Comic Stores Some Heat
  24. Marvel Announces Secret Wars 2015 To Follow Time Runs Out, by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic (VISUAL UPDATE)
  25. Why Is Bloodshot Called Bloodshot Anyway?
  26. IDW To Launch Marvel's Avengers Fun Packs Into Wal Mart, Toys R Us, Target And More
  27. Razor Sharp At The Cutting Edge of Avatar Press Panel At NYCC 2014 – Featuring Max Brooks, Justin Jordan, Simon Spurrier, Mike Costa, Kieron Gillen, And Max Brooks
  28. Fred Van Lente and Dennis Calero's Made Man Teaser For Titan Comics
  29. Batman 75th Anniversary Stamp Ceremony Photos – Updated With Story
  30. $30 Off Marvel Unlimited Plus – With A Free Rocket Raccoon Figure
  31. Live! From The Dark Horse Builds Character Panel At NYCC 2014 – With Donny Cates, Eliot Rahal, Fred Van Lente, Gail Simone, Raphael Albuquerque, Jim Calafiore And More
  32. PRE-NYCC 2014 Q&A: Jim Lee And Scott Snyder Talk Batman's 75th Anniversary
  33. The First Shots Of The Cosplay – And The Cars – Of New York Comic Con, From The Inside
  34. Marvel Unveils Daredevil Series Logo And A Cast Signing Event At NYCC
  35. Frank J. Barbiere And Chris Mooneyham's Five Ghosts, Confirmed As A TV Pilot For Syfy
  36. Y2Kang – The Kurt Busiek Marvel Event That Never Happened
  37. Announced! Quantum And Woody Must Die! (Updated)
  38. A Few Minutes With Garth Ennis About Rover Red Charlie
  39. Exhibiting Artist Spotlight: IDW Premieres Edward Scissorhands
  40. The Archie Action Hour: Sonic The Hedgehog And Mega Man
  41. I Is For Immersion: Building Immersive Worlds With Image Comics
  42. Imaginary Drugs At NYCC 2014 For The Hero Initiative And CBLDF
  43. Marvel Announces 'No More Mutants' For January 2015 – Where Now Quicksilver And Scarlet Witch?
  44. 18 Cosplay Photos From The First Day Of The Show
  45. Snake Eyes Joins Cobra In New IDW Miniseries
  46. When Chris Ryall Met Steve Ditko…
  47. From The Marvel Booth At NYCC – So What Do We Know About Marvel's New Secret Wars?
  48. Chasing the Crow: A Guide to NYCC 2014
  49. DC Comics Master Class: Art History With David Finch, Amanda Conner, Babs Tarr
  50. Harry Dresden Is Going Down Town In New Dynamite Miniseries
  51. Catching Up With Corin Howell
  52. Coffee Talk With Monsters And Dragons
  53. Duane Swierczynski Talks To Michael Moreci About The Army Of Darkness: Convention Invasion
  54. Four Essential Booths to Visit
  55. The American Library Association Wants To Save Indecent Comics
  56. 'It's The Toughest Kind Of Love Ever' – The Brotherhood of AMC's Comic Book Men At NYCC 2014
  57. Jocks And Geeks: Peace At Last?
  58. 55 More Cosplay Photos From NYCC
  59. IDW Announces Partnership With Disney To Produce Classic And Unseen Content With Mickey And Donald
  60. Climbing To The Top With Comixology Submit
  61. Live! From The Big Panel With IDW At NYCC 2014 With Kate Leth, Jim Zub, Gabriel Rodriguez, Jonathan Mayberry, Joe Harris And More(UPDATE)
  62. Phil Jimenez At The LGBT Panel – Why Would Anybody Want To Make A Movie Out Of This Wonder Woman?
  63. IDW Announces Millennium, A Spin-Off From X-Files
  64. Aspen Picks Up Big Dog Ink, Makes Them One Of Its Imprints
  65. Rob Guillory's Cover To Douglas Adams' Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency – The Comic
  66. Marvel Announces An Ongoing Spider-Gwen Series
  67. Writing And Penciling: Storytelling
  68. Norm Rapmund, Happy To Wear The Most Controversial Comics T-Shirt At NYCC Today
  69. IDW Adds Spider-Man To Its Reprinted Newspaper Strip Line
  70. The Circumstances In Which Len Wein Would Have Punched Chris Claremont Out
  71. The Other Half Of Firestorm Has Been Cast
  72. DC Comics – Batman: Gotham Rising Panel
  73. All You Need Is Kill Artist Does Limited Signing
  74. Viz Media To Publish Tokyo Ghoul And So Cute It Hurts!! Manga Series
  75. The Hard To Get Variants For Wytches, Enormous And Spread
  76. Kodansha Editor Ben Applegate Talks About Their Latest Manga Titles
  77. Following Up The 50th Anniversary Of Teen Titans With Dan DiDio On The Show Floor
  78. A Land Of Both Shadow And Substance – Mark Rahner Writes New Twilight Zone Series
  79. Comics Experience Offers Portfolio & Writing Reviews at Booth
  80. 2000 AD in 2014: Judge Dredd At NYCC
  81. 50 Years Of Fandom: How Comic Took Over The World! Panel
  82. Don't Get Overwhelmed! Staying Grounded at NYCC
  83. Indy Spotlight Featuring The Cask of Amontillado, Horsemen, Farlaine the Goblin and the Tales of Mr. Rhee
  84. Wes Craig on Deadly Class and Blackhand Comics
  85. Image Comics In Cocktail Form
  86. "It's Been A Lot Of Ponies" – Interview With Agnes Garbowska
  87. 3/4 Of The Kieron Gillen Panel
  88. Super Girls – Using Comics To Engage Female Students In The Classroom
  89. Cults Takes A Bashing With Gail Simone And Tim Seeley's First Comics For Vertigo – Clean Room And Effigy
  90. Adam West Comes To New York To Talk Batman
  91. Legend Of Korra Crew Says Good Bye
  92. Spotlight On: Arthur Darvill… or Rory?
  93. Looking Inside The Lootcrate Box
  94. Hawkeye – In Wax!
  95. Lord Of The Rings – The Music Of Middle Earth Panel
  96. Convention Exclusives Cherry Pop!
  97. The Kotobukiya Figures At The DC Booth
  98. Death Of Superman Lives – What Happened Panel Report
  99. Hasbro Shows Us A Few Avengers: Age Of Ultron Toys
  100. The Marvel Experience Will Cost From Only $20 To $35 A Ticket
  101. Mavel's Contest Of Champions Is Coming To Your Smartphones And Tablets
  102. Sizzle Trailer Released For Disney's Big Hero 6
  103. First Teaser Trailer For Brad Bird's Tomorrowland
  104. Crossed Dead On Arrival Will Be Written And Directed By Garth Ennis In Video Webisodes With Webcomic, And A Feature Film Goal
  105. Kieron Gillen Announced Returning To Crossed From Avatar Press At #75(UPDATE)
  106. From DC And Dynamite – A Classic-Style Robotech/Voltron Crossover
  107. Dark Horse Announces New Brian Wood Series, EVE: Valkyrie, From July
  108. A Visit To The Gen Manga Booth
  109. Different Flavors Of Geek – Geeks Of Color Panel Coverage
  110. The Death Of Wolverine Panel And What's Next
  111. Marvel 75th Anniversary: X-Men – The Shifting Face Of Mutantkind
  112. Marvel's Massive 75th Anniversary Creators Signing
  113. Marvel Adapts James Patterson's Maximum Ride Novels As Max Ride
  114. Marvel Announces Agent Carter In Kathryn Immonen and Rich Ellis' Operation S.I.N.
  115. Marvel Announces Star Wars Kanan: The Last Padawan Comic
  116. Marvel Announces X-Men/Guardians Crossover, The Black Vortex With Ed McGuinness
  117. Prism Comics: Women in Queer Comics
  118. Reinventing Horror With A Bunch Of Specialists At NYCC
  119. A Whopping 151 Cosplay Photos From NYCC Day 2
  120. The Woods Is Announced At Boom! For 36 Issues
  121. Live! From The Boom Panel At NYCC 2014 With James Tynion IV, Noelle Stevenson, Bryce Carlson, And Matt Gagnon
  122. Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Booyakasha!
  123. Lost In Space Reboot To Be Done By Dracula Untold Writers
  124. Once Upon A Time Has Frozen Over!
  125. The Marvel Animation Panel
  126. "Lady Sif Pops Into Mind" – Live! The Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Panel From New York Comic Con
  127. A Quick Look At The Two Minute Avengers 2 Age Of Ultron Trailer Shown This Morning
  128. Kodansha's Ben Applegate talks Attack On Titan
  129. Kristian Nairn and Daniel Portman kick off Thursday's Game of Thrones at NYCC
  130. Today I Rode A Dragon
  131. LIVE! From Rooster Teeth's RWBY Panel at NYCC
  132. Capcom World Highlights
  133. Phil Noto's Candid Sixties Photo-Style Variant Covers For Marvel
  134. The New Ant-Man Comic From Nick Spencer And Ramon Rosanes Features Scott Lang
  135. Marvel Officially Announces The End Of The Fantastic Four With Fantastic Fourever.
  136. Live! From The Dark Circle Panel At NYCC With Fox Hunt, The Black Hood, The Shield, And More(UPDATE)
  137. Comics As Literature In The Class Room
  138. Harassment Is A Public Health Issue
  139. The One Weird Trick for Learning About Comics – Comics Journalism With Heidi MacDonald, Brigid Alverson, Hannah Means-Shannon, Abraham Riesman, And Deb Aoki(UPDATE)
  140. Axel Alonso's Very Kind Address To Marvel's Creators Regarding Bleeding Cool
  141. Tokyo Ghoul: Re Trailer Reveals a New Protagonist in Sequel Series
  142. Legenderry To Spin-Off Into Three New Titles Staring Red Sonja, Vampirella and Green Hornet
  143. Library-Based Comic Conventions
  144. Haunted Futures With Warren Ellis, Richard Kadrey, John Reppion And Chuck Wendig
  145. Modern Horror, Humor And Rumor? Another Satan's Baby Possibly On The Way In The Goon
  146. The Un-Feminist First Question Of The Women Of DC Comics Panel At New York Comic Con
  147. When Rich Johnston Photo-Bombed Brian K Vaughan
  148. Live! The Crossed And Garth Ennis Panel At NYCC With Avatar Press – Crossed +100 And Dead On Arrival
  149. Adult Swim Presents Triumph The Insult Dog And Jack McBrayer
  150. Interview At Rooster Teeth On RWBY
  151. NYCC Attendees Too Wild For Daredevil Cast Signing Event
  152. The Return Of Resident Evil – Remastered And Revelations
  153. Toy Trends And The Holy Grail
  154. Robot Chicken And Their New Holiday Special
  155. Getting In Line For Agent Phil Coulson
  156. Harmontown Invades New York
  157. Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham At NYCC
  158. Running Down Vertical Manga With Ed Chavez
  159. The Stephen Amell Signing Experience
  160. Rick & Morty Invade New York
  161. Wikia Fantasy Food Truck – Food From Your Favorite Fandoms
  162. A Million MacFarlane Tropes: Promotional Photo Shoot For Film
  163. 'Nick Hears The Voice Of The Tenth Doctor Doll In His Head' – Ten Years Of New Doctor Who At NYCC
  164. Scott Snyder and Jock's Wytches Optioned For Feature Film
  165. Marvel Reveals New Hawkeye Team, Ant-Man, And Phil Noto Variants – Full Panel Coverage
  166. Wonder Woman '77: A DC Digital Comic Based On The Lynda Carter TV Series
  167. It's Starting To Look A Lot Like A Spider-Gwen Ongoing Series
  168. Marvel Announces Kate Bishop To Share The Lead In New Hawkeye By Jeff Lemire And Ramon Perez
  169. #WomenOfMarvel Covers To Launch In March
  170. Marvel Confirms Gamora Ongoing Comic By Guardians Movie Writer Nicole Perlman
  171. Margaret Stohl To Write Black Widow Young Adult Novel for Marvel In Spring 2015
  172. G Willow Wilson To Write X-Men With The Burning World
  173. Live! The Women Of Marvel Panel – 'You Fight Because You Have To And Because We Need You'
  174. Phil Noto's Candid Sixties Photo-Style Variant Covers For Marvel
  175. The New Ant-Man Comic From Nick Spencer And Ramon Rosanes Features Scott Lang
  176. Marvel Officially Announces The End Of The Fantastic Four With Fantastic Fourever
  177. Live! From The Dark Circle Panel At NYCC With Fox Hunt, The Black Hood, The Shield, And More(UPDATE)
  178. Comics As Literature In The Class Room
  179. NYCC: Harassment Is A Public Health Issue
  180. The One Weird Trick for Learning About Comics – Comics Journalism With Heidi MacDonald, Brigid Alverson, Hannah Means-Shannon, Abraham Riesman, And Deb Aoki(UPDATE)
  181. From Drax To Hinx – Is Dave Bautista In The Next Bond Film?
  182. Thrilling Adventure Hour Is On The Move
  183. More Toys And Statues From Diamond's Preview Booth
  184. More Fun Than A Barrel Of Monkeys: SyFy Network's 12 Monkeys Panel
  185. Project Triforce Shows Off Their Replicas Including Deathstroke, Batman And Black Mask
  186. NYCC Screens Doctor Who: Mummy On The Orient Express
  187. Looking At IDW Games At NYCC
  188. Why Aquaman Was Left Out Of Justice League: War
  189. Adult Swim Edition: The Heart, She Holler
  190. Adult Swim Edition: Mike Tyson Mysteries
  191. Adult Swim Edition: Black Dynamite
  192. The Daredevil Cast Signing At NYCC
  193. The Constantine Pilot Aired At NYCC And We Have A Review
  194. More Awesome Toys And Statues From NYCC – NECA
  195. About The League And Giving Away Footballs
  196. Like Role Playing Games – Try Looking For Group Or Castle Assault
  197. The Medieval Times Booth Of New York Comic Con
  198. Steve Jackson Games And Rare Elements
  199. DC Entertainment: Batman 75th Anniversary
  200. New Marvel Artist Select Series From Marvel And IDW
  201. Behold Bleeding Cool Reporters Wearing Infinity Gauntlets After NYCC – Because They Deserve To
  202. Taking Down New York Comic Con
  203. Vertical Press Announces Two New Attack On Titan Books And More
  204. How Game of Thrones Changed Fantasy…Or Did It?
  205. Our Reviews Matter
  206. Free On Bleeding Cool – Evil Ernie: Origin Of Evil #1
  207. Mankind Left For The Stars With Reckless Abandon
  208. Yen Press Announces A Whopping 9 New Manga Titles
  209. DC Announces Mortal Kombat X and Fables: A Wolf Among Us Digital Titles
  210. Silk Gets On-Going Series From Robbie Thompson And Stacey Lee
  211. Spider-Gwen Series Officially Announced With Jason LaTour And Robbi Rodriguez
  212. Yanick Paquette On A Sexy Wonder Woman, Feminism And Sexuality
  213. 135 Cosplay Photos From Day 3 Of NYCC
  214. Marvel Reveals New Hawkeye Team, Ant-Man, And Phil Noto Variants – Full Panel Coverage
  215. Marvel Teases More Civil War Next Year
  216. Scott Snyder And Jock's Wytches #1 NYCC Variant Quickly Sells For Over A Hundred Bucks
  217. 150 Things We Learned At New York Comic Con 2014
  218. The Swag Of Bleeding Cool At New York Comic Con
  219. Around Eighty DC Comics Employees Will Not Be Moving From New York To Burbank, Chiarello And Chase To Be Promoted
  220. The Settlement Received By Jack Kirby's Estate From Marvel And Disney For Not Going To The Supreme Court
  221. It's Not A Story Just About Ryu And Ken Anymore – NYCC: Street Fighter Panel
  222. Video Of The Marvel's Daredevil Panel From NYCC
  223. Deadpool Cosplay Mania At New York Comic Con – A Modern Convention Curiosity Plus Photogallery

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