Fantastic Four #73 CGC Copy On Auction At ComicConnect

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Fantastic Four collectors may already have this issue, but funny story: this was the first silver age comic I ever personally read. I was seven years old and had been reading comics for about two years, and a family member gave me FF #73 as a Christmas present. My little mind was blown. Thor, Daredevil, and Spidey looked like they were fighting the Fantastic Four! That can't be right, can it? It wasn't, of course, but that is not going to stop me from bidding on this CGC copy on auction at ComicConnect right now, part of Session 3 of Event Auction #46 taking place this week. Sitting at $105, this 9.0 copy has an insanely good look to it for having a white cover. Check out the Kirby goodness below.

Fantastic Four #73 CGC Copy On Auction At ComicConnect
Fantastic Four CGC. Credit ComicConnect

The Fantastic Four Would Win That Fight

"Tricked into believing that Doctor Doom is disguised as Daredevil as part of a sneak attack on the Baxter Building, Reed, Johnny, and Ben prepare for his arrival. In reality, it is the real Daredevil, coming to warn them of Doctor Doom's latest scheme. But when he approaches the Baxter Building, he is attacked by the Human Torch. He manages to douse the Torch's flame by tricking the youth into crashing into a water tower. As Daredevil pulls the Torch out of the water, he is approached by Spider-Man, who believes DD when he explains his situation. Deciding they need more assistance, Spider-Man goes out looking for anyone else who might be able to help them and finds Thor stumbling through the city. When Spidey tries to convince Thor to help, he initially denies the request because he has another task ahead of him, but changes his mind when Spider-Man questions his bravery."

This is a really nice copy of Fantastic Four #73, so you will want to make sure to go here and place a bid for it. You will be bidding against me, so please: keep it low. While there, check out all of the other comics taking bids this week; there is some great stuff in here.

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