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Finding The Balance Between Housewife And Lady Killer In Issue #2

-1[The Second Printing cover for sold-out #2]

Lady Killer #2 from Dark Horse Comics, written by Joelle Jones and Jamie S. Rich, with art by Joelle Jones may be one of my favorite new releases over the past few months. I enjoyed issue #1, but really connected with main character Josie in this months issue. For those of you who don't know, Lady Killer focuses on a normal housewife that has a secret identity as a hit-woman. The result is a comic that will have you flipping through the pages as fast as you possibly can because it is that good! Jones and Rich's writing is fluid, compelling, and downright bold.

The 1950s vibe continues to take the story to a new level for me. There's something to be said for a woman during this time period doing anything other than catering to her husband and children. This issue focuses on just that. We learn that Josie has been in the hit-woman business for fifteen years, but her family life might be interrupting the flow of how successful she really can be. She wrestles with that balance throughout the issue, but things might be easier than she thought when it comes to getting away with more. I have to wonder if this will be a relief or harsh realization for the character as time passes by.

IMG_8716Joelle Jones design of Josie's character is magnetic. Every single time there is a panel that focuses on her face, I get the chills. You can feel how powerful she is. Overall, the artwork in the comic is bright and classic. The end of this issue is a little anti-climactic, but I believe that it was done on purpose. Jones and Rich most likely wanted to leave the reader with the same feeling Josie has at that very moment, but don't worry…I won't spoil it for you here. If you haven't picked up Lady Killer yet, I urge you too. You won't regret it.

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