From John Byrne to Scott Lobdell – Daily LITG, 5th April 2020

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John Byrne at New York Comic Con
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John Byrne, American Horror Story and the 10 Most-Read Stories Yesterday

  1. John Byrne Originally Imagined a Very Different Wolverine
  2. "American Horror Story": Ryan Murphy Prod Update: "AHS", "Pose", More
  3. Ubisoft Releases The "Just Dance 2020" Song List
  4. "Supernatural": Eric Kripke Pens What Sam & Dean Would Be Doing Now
  5. Scott Snyder on Death Metal, Doomsday Clock, 5G and What Comes Next
  6. DC Comics' Dale Crain Dies, Family Trying To Bring Him Home
  7. Midtown Comics Runs 99 Cent Sale – Up to 95% Off
  8. Kane Cites Lincoln in Knox County Response to Tennessee Governor
  9. Happy Death Day's Scott Lobdell Writes New X-Men Comic For Instagram
  10. How Cheap Paper Influenced Jean Grey's Iconic Phoenix Costume

One year ago, when Jim Zub's biggest worry was piracy

  1. Jim Zub Says Thousands Pirated Champions #4 on Release Day, Asks for Reader Support
  2.  "I Begrudge Stan Lee Nothing But Sole Credit": the Jack Kirby Tribute Panel at Wondercon
  3.  'Star Trek: Discovery' Season 2 "Through the Valley of Shadows" [Preview]
  4. Tula Lotay's Secret 'Erotic' Cover For Brian Azzarello and Maria Llovet's Faithless, Leaked (UPDATE: And Now Redacted)
  5. The Full Script for X-Liefelds #1, Ahead of Launch in July
  6.  Marvel Doubles Price of Jim Lee XXL Hardcover
  7. Live-Action 'Cowboy Bebop' Series to Star John Cho
  8. Dragon Con Founder Ed Kramer, Rearrested, Given Access to County Court Computer Network by Judge
  9. DC's Year of The Villain 25 Cent Comic Gets Some Cover Text For FOC
  10. Thomas Wayne Removed From Batman #70, Cover Changed

Comics News & Events Happening Today

Comics Industry Birthdays Today

From John Byrne to Scott Lobdell – Daily LITG, 5th April 2020

  • Arthur Adams, creator of Monkeyman & O'Brien, artist on Longshot, Uncanny X-Men, Excalibur, X-Factor, Fantastic Four, Hulk Ultimate X, The Authority, Godzilla, The Creature from the Black Lagoon and Gumby
  • Renee Witterstaetter, comic book agent/manager
  • Tim Perkins, comic book lecturer and artist on Transformers, Doctor Who, Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper and more
  • G. Scott Tomlin, CEO of Comics Dungeon
  • Anthony Taylor, Licensing & Brand Manager at The Bram Stoker Estate
  • Burt Colt, writer and artist of Saga Of A Doomed Universe
  • R.G. Llarena, editor/writer for Heavy Metal Magazine
  • Mark Poulton, EIC of Arcana, Savage Hawkman writer,
  • Iain Laurie, artist of And Then Emily Was Gone and Sink

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