Green Lantern: Lights Out – The Spoilerific Panel Recap

Peter Sailer live blogged this panel for Bleeding Cool:

green_lantern_lights_outThis was the last panel of the day for DC Comics and it focused on Post-Geoff Johns Green Lantern universe. Panelists were Robert Venditti, writer of Green Lantern and Co-Writer of Green Lantern Corps, Van Jensen, Co-Writer of Green Lantern Corps, Charles Soule, Writer of Red Lantern Corps, Bernard Chang, Artist of Green Lantern Corps, and Justin Jordan, Writer of Green Lantern: New Guardians.

It started with Robert Venditti thanking Geoff Johns for everything he contributed to the Green Lantern mythos. He doesn't believe he could fill Geoff's shoes because those shoes may not be able to be filled. However, he's really trying to build upon what Geoff created during his run. "Lights Out is potentially the next logical step in that mythology."

Spoiler Alert:

Venditti says: "At the end [of Green Lantern #24], Relic drains the battery." and Van Jensen says: "[Green Lantern Corps #24] is a really big, bombastic issue. Oa is blown up at the end of Green Lantern Corps #24."

Justin Jordan talks about the Entities, the living representations of the emotional energies, have an end plan. Suspiciously, there are two absent Entities and Justin hopefully "wishes that would be addressed in the book." Kyle will have to deal with the Entities. A 2-page spread from New Guardians #24 was showed the Entites being flung across the universe by a mysterious force.

Charles Soule: "The idea of Red Lanterns is that there are some very angry people that can use light as a weapon. For a long time, they were run by this guy named Atrocitus. Guy Garder is a really cool lantern, one of my favorites. On the first day of his mission, he got really mad, killed Atrocitus and took it over." Red Lanterns #24 will feature the first time Guy and Hal meet after Guy goes undercover with the Red Lanterns. Hal is attacked by Red Lanterns and asks Guy for help. Guy punches Hal in the face instead.

Spoiler Alert:

Atrocitus is NOT dead and shown having corralled the Rage entity, The Butcher. Artocitus now calls himself "The Atrocity Butcher."

A page is shown from Annual #2 with Relic studying the Source Wall.

Venditti: "He's trying to see if he can get through the wall. Now, he's decided that his universe had no White Lantern, Relic now decides he's going to manipulate Kyle to see if he can become some sort of device he can extract" and access the "Reservoir" on the other side of the Source Wall.

Charles Soule compares messing with the Source Wall to performing spinal surgery on the DCU.

Then it was question and answer time:

1st question is about their favorite Green Lantern moments:
Venditti says when Scarecrow became a Yellow Lantern.
Van Jensen says being introduced to John Stewart.
Charles Soule says when Batman suckerpunched Guy.
Justin Jordan says "his brain is shot."

2nd Question. A self described "noob to Green Lantern" asks if the writer or artist decides which constructs will be created.

Bernard Chang:"You work as a team. Writers will give you a layout, give you a play. The more creative the writer is, the more creative the artist is the better the product will be at the end of the day."

3rd Question: "What each of you have planned to expand the Green Lantern Rogues Gallery for each character?"
Venditti: "We have a very big plans for the traditional villains." Venditti also emphasizes introducing new characters like Relic while playing off the other books like Red Lanterns.
Jordan: "My next few arcs will feature new villains."
Chang: Look in the background of the issues to see little tidbits for what's next for Green Lantern villains.
Soule: In Red Lanterns #25, 26 will feature a "really cool new bad guy" along with the return of a classic villain.

4th Question: Will Sinestro play a role in Lights Out?

"There might maaaaybe be some sort of clue in New Guardians #24 next week, but I can't say."

5th Question: Do you think the Red Lanterns are getting a big push because they are new and allow more freedom to the writers vs. long established characters like Batman, Superman and the Green Lanterns? She mentions that she notices going outside of the box "unless you're a Mark Millar and go super edgy" will get the writer "punished."

Cunningham says this is his favorite question of the weekend and gives her a Google Nexus 7. No answer was provide.

6th Question: My favorite characters are Green Lantern and Anarky. Any more information on their crossover.

Van Jensen: Stewart will be a marine responding to Gotham in the Zero Yero tie-in Green Lantern Corps #25. Anarky will cause "more bad things" and be a fresh take that also honors his legacy.

7th Question:  "How much do you think you're bound to the iconic Green Lantern oath?"
Venditti: "You mean in my personal life? How much I defend it?"

8th Question: Q: Will there be a crossover between Green Lantern and Earth 2 so Alan and Hal can meet?
Venditti says These things are considered, but revealing any plans would get him fired.

9th Question: Are any of you are "okay with the happy ending Geoff Johns constructed" or do you want with the "savage beat down" of these characters?

Jordan: "Space Jesus for the win"
Venditti says the way he interpreted that scene was as if the Book of Oa like a history book and was written "for a reason." It works as a recruitment manual, but things like the "rings are bad for the universe" will probably be left out. Johns also made sure to include missing pages. It's the future, but the history in the Book of Oa is written from a certain perspective and might not be the whole story.

Last Question: Last question was about whether the Spider Guild will return.
Van Jensen says to look out for them and other space races now that everyone has escaped from the Science Cell.

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