Health Care For Super Villains?


MediSIN by Jeff Dyer, Dr. Mark McKeon, David Brame, Joaquin Pereyra, Adam Wollet. Currently on Kickstarter. $5,000 goal by Sept 24, 2015. Published in 2016 by Action Lab Entertainment
Jeff Dyer writes,

When I was a kid, I read a lot of super hero comics. After the battles were over and the bad guys were on the ground, beaten and bleeding and begging for mercy, I sometimes felt sorry for the poor buggers. I even wondered: what kind of doctors would treat their wounds? Would they be admitted to a hospital? If treated and released, would they just do the same crimes all over again? Years later, I'm now telling that story.


MediSIN, to be published in 2016 by Action Lab Entertainment, is a story about a team of down-on-their-luck doctors who are blackmailed into providing health care for super villains. It's like Grey's Anatomy meets Heroes. As the MEDICS fight the tight grip of our big bad Malady, the doctors (led by brilliant Ethan Sharp) struggle with the ethics of aiding the worst of humanity. We also have a great back story that explains how the earliest physicians became the world's first super heroes.


I'm co-writing the six issue series with real life physician/friend/fellow comics fan Dr. Mark McKeon. Mark has seen a lot of action in the E.R. and is bringing his unique medical knowledge to this tale. We've been having a blast co-writing this project. I've been writing Peanuts for Boom Studios since 2012. Mark's medical expertise has been invaluable as we've crafted this story. I mean, what really happens when a super hero punches a villain in the gut? Trust me, the brutally authentic descriptions of the wounds is just the beginning. MediSIN delves deep into the backstories of our fictional doctors. What brought them to this point? Why would any physician who has pledged to "first do no harm" end up embroiled in a criminal organization run by Malady?


Our artist is the amazing David Brame. He's bringing a gritty beauty to the book. David has been a joy to work with. He's a former college professor who quit his day job to follow his dream job. He's drawing comics and trust me, he's going to be a very well-known name in comics very soon. You could even own some of his original art! Check out details of our Kickstarter below.

We have an outstanding colorist, Joaquin Pereyra and wonderful letterer Adam Wollet rounding out our team. But here's where we need YOUR help. The entire six issue storyline is scripted. Mark and I spent four years writing these six issues. What can I say? We're perfectionists. We've revised and polished this story to its absolute best and are confident it will entertain and surprise you. David is already drawing the third issue and we have a publisher: Action Lab. But we need to fund the salaries of Joaquin and Adam so they can color and letter the entire series. Mark, David and I haven't been paid a cent for this book, and we won't until it's published. We've been working on this because we believe in it. Once our Kickstarter is accomplished, MediSIN will be hitting the shelves of comic book stores nationwide! We couldn't be more excited to bring you this story. We also have tons of ideas that could continue the world of MediSIN, if the first volume is successful.


We have launched our Kickstarter with a goal of $5,000. With your help, we will hit and hopefully exceed this goal and MediSIN will be finding its way to your pull box soon.

We would be honored to have your support! Here's to your good health. Now turn your head and cough!


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