How Superman Is Making Darwyn Cooke's New Frontier Series Part Of DC Rebirth (SPOILERS)

stl020309Superman #8 begins a tribute to the late Darwyn Cooke who died earlier this year. Specifically his work in the DC New Frontier series.

The series, amongst many things, gave a new ending to The Losers characters (before they were picked up and Vertigoised and turned into a movie).

In that comic, the group was sent to Dinosaur Island in 1945 to rescue Rick Flag and intel. One by one, they are killed, with Johnny Cloud writing an epitaph "Ask my family and they'll tell you I was a Navajo. Ask the Army Air Force and they'll say I was an American. But if you ask my brothers, they'll set you straight. John Cloud was a Loser."


Well, today Superman and Son visit that island. Find the remains of the Losers' last stand. And of John Cloud.

image-33And a familiar epitaph…


With this comic, DC Comics brings aspects of the out-of-continiuity DC New Frontier series smack back into the world of DC Rebirth.

More in two weeks…

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