Indie Comic Review: Morgan's Organs #1 – a Cute, Fun, and Crass Story of Our Insides

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What if our organs had personalities? What if they communicated and coordinated with one another like people? What if they clashed over how we spend our time? What if Pixar's Inside Out had a ton of dick jokes?

That's the conceit for Morgan's Organs, a comic about a college student named Morgan. His academic life and sex life or clashing, represented by the internal war between his brain and his penis. We follow this conflict as the balance of power shifts between the two organs.

Morgan's Organs #1 cover by Robert Jennex
Morgan's Organs #1 cover by Robert Jennex

By the way, the Inside Out reference wasn't just me being a dick (no pun intended). It's actually name-checked on the Kickstarter page for this comic.

Can a comic be both cute and crass? I think so, and Morgan's Organs would fit that criteria.

A lot of this comic is made up of jokes about Morgan's penis trying to get him laid. The brain is a funny character too; it's depicted as a high-brow intellectual only focused on keeping Morgan educated and celibate. The stomach and the ass both get some good lines too.

The irony is that Morgan himself is a cipher in all of this. Where Inside Out gave you an idea of the who the girl the emotions inhabited were, I'm not sure who Morgan is. He doesn't receive much characterization, and you can't get a bead on him from his organs because they are such hyperbolic caricatures. We learn more of Morgan's friends, and they are just dude-bros obsessed with partying and getting laid.

All told, it is still a funny book, and it has a lot of charms in its ridiculousness.

Morgans Organs #1 art by Robert Jennex
Morgans Organs #1 art by Robert Jennex

Plus, the art is well suited for the purpose. Robert Jennex's artwork is appropriately stylized, focuses on exaggerated details to set characters and figures apart, and is heavily inked to reinforce the cartoonish tone and atmosphere. Plus, the colors are bright and highly contrasted, further giving the world life and a lively beat.

Daniel Brodie has put together a fun and funny comic with Morgan's Organs. Some of its jokes fall flat, and many of the human characters are lackluster. But most of the jokes hit, and the conflict between the brain and the penis is very entertaining. Plus, Jennex's artwork is solid. All in all, I can recommend this one. Check it out.

Here is the official Morgan's Organs site.

You can purchase the first two issues at this link.

Also, here is the link to the Kickstarter for the second issue for the curious. It's already succeeded, and the second issue is already out on the official site's store too.

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