Skottie Young Talks About The Future Of I Hate Fairyland And More #InstoreKickOff #ConKickOff2016

Skottie Young took to the screen for the In Store Convention KickOff event today. Kevin White started off with saying that he's a huge fan of I Hate Fairyland, and boy I definitely agree.

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After reading the fifth issue, I assumed that information about the second ARC would be limited because the ending is a major change for the book. Here's what Skottie had to say:

"It should be on shelves in June….You'll just have to wait and see. I will say this, the greatest thing about this book for me is this world is so massive and never ending there really is no end to the kind of stories or vignettes that I can get into. It's really never ending."

The conversation then fell into the many variant covers Skottie has done. White asked him who he'd like to draw. Young's loyalty lied with some old school throwback stuff.

"I love Lobo…and the Tick."

When White turned to Twitter for some questions, we learned that he'd like to take a crack at Batman Rogues Gallery. He confirmed that he'd like to keep his baby-fied characters to a minimum. The conversation then changed to Disney's The Haunted Mansion, in which young explained that it's really cool to work on the project, but different than what he's used to. While there's a lot of history to poke fun at with Marvel books, there isn't nearly enough history for The Haunted Mansion.

He continued:

"Right now I'm still writing Rocket and Groot. We've been rotating in artists. That book has turned into me doing one and done stories. You can read an issue and you don't need any background…it's me having fun in an episodic kind of way."

White then asked what comics Young was currently into. The answer: Southern Bastards, Black Science, Invader Zim, and Rumble.

Of course someone on social media had to ask about the possibility of a Deadpool book happening. Young replied:

"I've been with Marvel since 2001, so they're a family to me. There's always opportunity there. I wrote a Deadpool one shot a couple years back, so people could always check that out."

With all that said, I'm going to urge you to visit and check out his store.

He has original pages, covers, art books, and tons of prints available, but what's really cool is that he does a new sketch everyday and puts those up for sale too.

So, what can we look forward to in the future with Skottie Young?

He says:

"More I Hate Fairyland! I'm so glad that everybody supported, and that the retailers got behind me. I'm going to keep telling a lot of stories with these wacky characters."

We are perfectly fine with that Skottie!

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