They Invented Yelp: Archie #16

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Mark Waid's take on the iconic Archie Andrews has so far been amazing. Archie, and his colorful cast of characters, have really come alive with Waid behind the wheel. archie16In this issue we focus on resident genius, Dilton Doily. Dilton has just created a new app that rates romantic spots. Reggie finds out, and decides to take this to the next level, and rate people instead. This causes everyone in Riverdale high to feel its effects, and causes some real hurt. When Dilton tries to rectify this issue, he notices his servers have been stolen. And that's when Moose comes in, and makes sure the culprit is in actual fear of his life.

Meanwhile, Veronica is still trying to get back into Riverdale, and Cheryl is injecting herself into the fabric of Riverdale. We know Cheryl isn't a good person. She is like Veronica, but without an ounce of giving a shit. Her motive isn't exactly clear yet, but whatever it is, it'll be fun to watch.


Artist Joe Eisma adds to Waid's story with clear and concise character designs. Even the background characters are given special care, and each main character's body language speaks volumes of them. Archie stands tall and proud, Reggie sulks around like he's sneaking, and Moose is well…massive. I've enjoyed the new Archie series a great deal since it came out. This is the clear winner out of all the reboots, and I'm glad it's still being published regularly.

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