Iron Fist #76 Review: The Battle of K'un-Lun

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Iron Fist and Sabretooth have arrived at K'un-Lun to find the city under siege by Choshin and the forces of Liu-Shi. The two dive into the chaos and the new Yu-Ti of K'un-Lun, Sparrow, engages Choshin in fierce battle.

Iron Fist #76 cover by Jeff Dekal
Iron Fist #76 cover by Jeff Dekal

The climax to "Sabretooth: Round Two" begins with this issue, with Danny and Sabretooth stopping the final stage of Choshin's plans. As such, this comic mostly consists of epic battle scenes in the mystical city of the Iron Fist.

We are introduced to Sparrow, who is a consummate badass. Also, Choshin turns out to be incredibly sexist, constantly berating the Sparrow because she is a woman, and he believes that a woman should not be the Yu-Ti of K'un-Lun.

The dialogue between Sparrow and Choshin becomes repetitive very quickly. Choshin says something sexist, Sparrow says that his head his stuck in the past, wash, rinse, repeat. It's not funny enough to be a joke, and it doesn't say anything clever about Choshin's bigotry. Don't get me wrong, people like Choshin still exist, and their views are beyond archaic and hard to change due to how far in the past their heads tend to be. However, that doesn't change the fact that this dialogue becomes dull after the second or third exchange.

Iron Fist #76 art by Mike Perkins and Andy Troy
Iron Fist #76 art by Mike Perkins and Andy Troy

Beyond that, the battle between Sparrow and Choshin is quite cool thanks to the incredibly talented Mike Perkins. The fight has a very nice flow with many poster-worthy stills of the two fighting. We also get Sabretooth tangling with the Rat of Twelve Plagues, which is savagely awesome too. Andy Troy's color art is excellent too, and his work really gives the atmosphere of a city in chaos.

Iron Fist #76 is yet another excellent entry in the Brisson, Perkins, and Troy's series. The story is still tense and compelling. The characters are mostly quite enjoyable; Iron Fist and Sabretooth have many good exchanges in this issue. The art is still incredible, and this arc has a had a really good pacing and flow to it overall. I once again highly recommend this issue and the series as a whole. You should definitely be reading this one.

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