Is The Big Bad Of Multiversity, The Big Bad Of Zenith?

The follow involves some seriously strong speculation. You have been warned.


So, the big bad of Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell's Zenith Volume 3 was a multi-dimensional sort of the HP Lovecraft sort. Iok Sotot: Eater Of Souls. Giving us the term "many angled ones" one of The Lloigor threatening to devour Time and Space, an entity that needed a superhuman host to enter our dimensions, using the Nazi wartime superhero Masterman.


Oh yeah, he was Zenith's son as well. It got complicated.

Now, Rebellion hold claim to Zenith and all its attributes, even if Grant Morrison sends them nasty legal letters.


But with versions of the Avengers, the Fantastic Four and the Savage Dragon making parallel appearance in Multiversity #1, could this be a way for Grant Morrison to bring back a bit of his old love to DC Comics, surrounded by heavy handed Warner Bros lawyers?


After all, a monstrous destructive force, trying to find its way into world by possessing the body of superheroes… Even the art of the cosmic horrors is similar to how the Lloigor are represented, mostly giant eyes in Lovecraft.


Could this be a bit of an attempted IP land grab? A bit like what Steve Gerber did with Howard The Duck and Image Comics?

So like Zenith and The Invisibles, Multiversity is rather explicitly creating a full strength Chaos Magick ritual/invocation for the first time in ages.


Note that Grant revises his description to talk about creating a living fiction universe that interacts with our own, which is a more user-friendly, less scary way to talk about the Chaos Magick rituals practiced during the Zenith and Invisibles era. Maybe so as not to scare the horses as much?


The use of Nix Utan also makes Multiversity a direct sequel to Final Crisis. And resurrecting Harbinger as an AI for the Monitors also opens up a can of planarian worms where pre-New 52 characters can be brought back…. and definitely makes this a prequel to DC's Blood Moon event next year.

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