Jimmy's Bastards #7 Review: Battle of the Bastards — No, Not that One

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Jimmy Regent seeks out some gear and help for his mission to attack Junior's base. Elsewhere, Nancy launches her own attack on the isle where Junior and his people are hiding out. Junior himself is celebrating his victory, unaware that two people are still out for his blood.

Jimmy's Bastards #7 cover by Andy Clarke and Jose Villarrubia
Jimmy's Bastards #7 cover by Andy Clarke and Jose Villarrubia

Jimmy's Bastards begins its final act with its two heroes going after the island base of Junior's people, which is complete with a giant gorilla statue giving the finger.

Humor is less of a focus in this issue for both better and worse. It means we have less of the weak jokes like the old agent humping Jimmy's leg—which still happens once—but it also means we have less things like the gorilla giving the finger and Jimmy having to listen to an old friend getting sexually creative with he and his wife's new physiology. It's a give and take.

The main thrust of the issue is Jimmy showing some character growth and emotional vulnerability with his allies and Nancy gunning down more of Jimmy's bastards.

This all works quite well too. You can actually connect with Jimmy Regent once he starts acting like an actual human being, even if this turn was fairly expected. You also get to see the endlessly put-upon Nancy open fire on some smug and rich bad guys.

Jimmys Bastards #7 art by Russ Braun and John Kalisz
Jimmys Bastards #7 art by Russ Braun and John Kalisz

Russ Braun's artwork is up to the task, showing an ability to well-depict subtle emotion and brutal violence in equal measure. Plus, the puppy is damn cute. John Kalisz's colorwork keeps a decent balance of wild color and dower darkness from scene-to-scene.

Jimmy's Bastards #7 swings the series back into my good graces with delightfully gory action and character growth for a character that deliberately makes James Bond look like a monk. The issue manages to balance its satire with a slightly touching narrative against all odds, and it earns a recommendation. Give it a read.

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