Karen Berger Says That He's 'Not The Real Constantine'.

334909KarenBerger-mdWe haven't heard too much from Karen Berger since she left DC Comics, where she had worked for decades, running the Vertigo imprint and forming it in her own image. And she had been at the birth of John Constantine in Swamp Thing. So when Slate published an article about the state of the character on the eve of his new TV show, they got a comment, first from the last writer of Hellblazer and writer of Justice League Dark, Peter Milligan.

"When [New 52 Constantine] became the only incarnation of this character, he just becomes some British geezer that does some magic," Milligan said.

While Berger, who is rumoured to be working on a new graphic novel boutique imprint with Judith Regan, is quoted,

"They've taken the character and put him in a place that's Constantine-lite," said Karen Berger, who left DC last year. "As far as I'm concerned, he's not the real Constantine."

When the midwife starts to cast doubt on the parentage, it might be worth paying attention.

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