The Last Stone Is The First – A Look At The Space Stone

Here we take another look at the final Infinity Stones, this time the Space Stone / Gem. We've been going over the stones as Marvel 101's are doing the same and we've covered the SoulPowerMindReality and Time stones so far. The Space Stone grants the user the ability to teleport anywhere the user can imagine regardless of anything trying to impeded them… like walls or spells. It also allows the user to be in more than one place at a time and can increase their speed greatly. It can even alter the distance between objects, defying the laws of physics. When used in conjunction with the other stones, the Space Stone allows the user to be everywhere at once. The stone has been in the possession of Xiambor, Iron Man, The Hood, Black Bolt, Runner, Thanos, Nebula, Adam Warlock, Pip the Troll;

The Space Stone is the first of the Infinity Stones we are introduced to in the MCU, except it is called the Tesseract. The gem had been crafted into a cube by Odin and could produce an unlimited supply of energy. It was hidden on Earth, where the Red Skull was able to track it down and use it to power his weapons created by Arnim Zola for Hydra. Captain America defeated the Skull and sent the Tesseract into the bottom of the ocean where it was recovered by Howard Stark and given to SHIELD. Years later Nick Fury would task Dr. Erik Selvig into studying the Tesseract, which opened a portal that allowed Loki to come to Earth. He would use the cube to open a portal for a Chitauri invasion force. The Avengers were able to shut down the portal using Loki's staff (also an Infinity Stone), stopping the Chitauri and allowing them to capture the mad Asgardian. The Tesseract / Space Stone was returned to Asgard where it sits in Odin's vault today.

Here is Marvel's look at the comic book history of the Space Stone.

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