DC Comics Layoff Details Confirmed By Letter From Letterer

Until now, the DC Comics layoffs that Bleeding Cool first reported being announced on Monday were, technically, theoretical. DC Comics had decided, at this time, not to officially confirm any changes, though I have spoken to employees who have personally confirmed names and plans – though without attribution. However, as of yesterday, things went a lot quieter as it was stressed that people do not talk to the press.

Letter From Letterer Confirms DC Comics Layoff Details
DC Comics Layoff Details Confirmed By Letter From Letterer

One letter sent out to DC's lettering staff by DC's Lettering Supervisor Josh Reed has been passed to Bleeding Cool this evening. It reads as follows;


I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I am among the many that were informed on Monday that their positions at DC Comics would cease to exist sometime in the near future. It has been an honor and privilege to serve you over the past couple of years. I will be continuing as Lettering Supervisor until mid-November, so for now you may still address all lettering correspondence to myself and Robert Clark. I will work hard to keep you updated as our new operating procedure is established. In the meantime, if you have any questions please let us know.

Thank you for everything!


Josh Reed

Lettering Supervisor

Josh Reed has worked for DC Comics for over four years, first as a Narrative Production Artist, then as Lettering Supervisor, after previously working as a graphic designer for Aspen Comics and as their sole letterer, as well as a Production and Editorial Assistant at Top Cow.

Josh confirms in the letter that he will still be at DC Comics until mid-November, and that seems to be the date given to most people who have told they will be laid off. It is at least something. We wish Josh and all his affected colleagues, the very best going forward. Who thought 2020 could suck harder?

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