Life With Kevin #3 Kevin And Jason Go To Prom!


Life With Kevin #3

Dan Parent

Remember when everyone went crazy because Archie was introducing it's first gay character? There was even a boycott from that One Million Mom's group. Kevin Keller was a big hit for Archie, and I'm glad they kept him in the reboot. In this new series by character creator Dan Parent, Kevin is now living in New York City, trying to find love, a career in journalism, and he also has Veronica as a roommate. Yet despite the fact that he has Veronica Lodge living with him, they live in a tiny NYC apartment. I'm not implying that Veronica could easily buy them a much larger apartment, but I am absolutely implying she could find them a bigger place.

Kevin is like all of us. Overworked, exhausted, and trying to find his way. In this issue Kevin is on his way to a date at a yoga studio, but falls asleep on the subway. In a panic he rushes over, but he forgot his workout gear at home. Thankfully his date has extra clothing…in the form of hilariously small workout shorts. Naturally, this causes Kevin to fart constantly during yoga class. In all of my years of reading Archie comics, I do believe this the first fart joke I've ever read. While I wouldn't say it took me by surprise, it was a nice change to see Dan do something different and out of the box with what I perceived as a wholesome, non farting character.


But enough about his excessive flatulence. Kevin is then subject to on air humiliation by his boss, causing him to quit on air. But all is not lost, for Kevin has something a little more important to think about. Taking a young man to his prom! Kevin helps his new friend Jason gain the confidence he needs to go to prom and enjoy it, since Kevin is an all around decent guy.


Like with all of the classic Archie books, Life With Kevin #3 wraps itself up nicely. While Dan has left the ending open for subsequent issues, this is still a good stand alone comic if this is the only one you read in the series. His classic Archie style is a welcome change to the new modernized Archie books, yet it is worth to note that both Kevin and Veronica do look like they are out of high school. The writing is funny, which has always been a staple in all of Dan Parent's books, especially his work on Betty and Veronica. Dan knows how to bring out the personality in these characters, and writes them like they're his own family. Dan's previous work on the Veronica title from the 1990's is proof that he knows how to write and draw comedy, while not ignoring character development or style. Because of this, Kevin is a character that will endure and grow. You should absolutely add this series to your pull list.

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