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DC Comics October 2021 Solicits And Solicitations
Dan Watters and Dani last worked together on Coffin Bound from Image Comics back in 2019. Bleeding Cool loved that series immensely and so are totally down for their new project for DC Comics, Arkham City: The Order of The World, spinning out of the current Infinite Frontier Batman comic books, as inmates who escaped Arkham[...]
DaNi Draws Black Beth For Rebellion/2000AD Specials In 2021
And I will use this to remind me to put them on my Tesco order when the time comes. DaNi Draws Black Beth For Rebellion/2000AD Specials In 2021 Black Beth and the Devils of Al-Kadesh Rebellion, 23 June Pages: 48 Price: £4.99 Black Beth cover by Andrea Bulgarelli After her appearance in the Scream! & Misty Special, by popular[...]
Coffin Bound Returns With #5, Shops Get Free Riso Prints If They Ask
But the series is returning to print on August 5th with a new story arc, by Dan Watters, Dani, Brad Simpson, Aditya Bidikar and Emma Price And it comes with a little something for retailers to help things along. Coffin Bound is a Mad Max-meets-Sandman that sees Izzy Tyburn chased across the hellish landscape by an[...]
Prodigal Son -- EP 118 -- "Scheherazade"
Cr: David Giesbrecht/FOX. I lost count of the number of jealous souls this week, yet was surprised that Dani (Aurora Perrineau) is not showing any signs of affection towards Bright (Tom Payne) though she has looked fantastic the last few episodes Jessica attends an elite soiree hosted by none other than Dermot Mulroney guest staring as[...]
prodigal son
Dani Powell) understands and appreciates our need to take the occasional break from the doom-n-gloom In the following clip, the actress takes us behind the scenes of the hit FOX series to show us just how much of what we're seeing isn't actually what we're seeing. We're feeling so betrayed by the bird reveal… just sayin'… https://youtu.be/9dlWRMxgTaQVideo[...]
Next Week… I'll Be At London Super Comic Con. Will You?
If you see me, say hi, I always appreciate it. Here's a look at what's waiting for me. Attending creators include Brian Bolland, Frank Cho, David Finch, Humberto Ramos, Mike Zeck, Marv Wolfman, David Aja, Heather Antos, Mahmud Asrar, Jeremy Bastion, Simone Bianchi, Mark Buckingham, Howard Chaykin, Ian Churchill, Katie Cook, Steve Dillon, Duncan Fegredo, Meredith Finch, Gary[...]