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A Look at Sean Phillips' Cover Art For Criterion Collection

A Look at Sean Phillips' Cover Art For Criterion Collection

Comic book artist Sean Phillips, best known for the likes of Criminal, Kill Or Be Killed, The Fade Out, Incognito, Marvel Zombies, Sleeper, WildC.A.T.s, Batman and Hellblazer unveiled his original artwork for the new Criterion Collection edition of The Great Escape.Painted another cover for @criterioncollection The Great Escape out in May[...]

Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips and Jacob Phillips Launch "Pulp" in May 2020

Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips and Jacob Phillips Launch "Pulp" in May 2020

Mistakes, misshapes, misfits, raised on a diet of broken biscuits...One of the biggest selling original graphic novels in comic book shops this year was by Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips and Jacob Phillips' My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies Well, for 2020, they have another just as likely to hit the charts It's called Pulp It's[...]


Criminal #1 Review: A New Heist From Old Hands

[rwp_box_recap id="0"]An old team, an old, old format.Ed Brubaker’s written for penciller Sean Phillips for almost fifteen years (beginning with Sleeper) and between the two of them (and a murderer’s row of colorists: Val Staples, Dave Stewart, Elizabeth Breitweiser, and the most recent, Jacob Phillips) they’re responsible for some of the American/British comics’ industry’s best[...]

Brubaker and Phillips Renew Image-Exclusive Deal for Five More Years

The dynamic comic-making duo of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips will continue to make their comics EX-X-XCLUSIVELY for Image Comics for another five years, the publisher announced in a press release Thursday.Brubaker immediately began earning his keep by producing a novel-length quote for the press release: The last five years at Image, with the freedom to[...]

Ed Brubaker to Tour Country in Support of My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies

According to a press release, superstar writer Ed Brubaker will be touring the country in support of his and Sean Phillips' new book, My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies As part of this extensive tour, Brubakermania will be coming to such locations as California, California, California, and New Orleans.From the press release: Image Comics is pleased[...]

Kill or Be Killed #20 cover by Sean Phillips and Elizabeth Breitweiser

Kill or Be Killed #20 Review: Life After Death

He dies…or does he? Does he wake up? Does he continue his vigilante career? Does everything work out for him? Can everything work out for someone like Dylan?[caption id="attachment_876300" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Kill or Be Killed #20 cover by Sean Phillips and Elizabeth Breitweiser[/caption]Kill or Be Killed ends with this issue[...]

Kill or Be Killed #19 cover by Sean Phillips and Elizabeth Breitweiser

First Impressions: Kill or Be Killed is Like One of the Better Punisher Runs (Kill or Be Killed #19 Review)

A police officer arrives to question Dylan in relation to the vigilante killings, and a trio of Russian killers have discovered Dylan’s location and are out to end him.[caption id="attachment_858985" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Kill or Be Killed #19 cover by Sean Phillips and Elizabeth Breitweiser[/caption]Ed Brubaker is among my all-time favorite comic book writers, so expectations[...]

Death Comes Ripping: Kill Or Be Killed TPB Review

"WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ED BRUBAKER?!" I'm dropping the just released trade paperback of Kill or be Killed (With Art by Sean Phillips and Elizabeth Breitweiser) and backing slowly away "I know I've been gone from comics for a little while, but surely he hasn't gone FULL MILLAR in my absence, has he?!" I'm shaking on the floor rocking[...]

Next Week… I'll Be At London Super Comic Con. Will You?

If you see me, say hi, I always appreciate it.Here's a look at what's waiting for me.Attending creators include Brian Bolland, Frank Cho, David Finch, Humberto Ramos, Mike Zeck, Marv Wolfman, David Aja, Heather Antos, Mahmud Asrar, Jeremy Bastion, Simone Bianchi, Mark Buckingham, Howard Chaykin, Ian Churchill, Katie Cook, Steve Dillon, Duncan Fegredo, Meredith Finch, Gary[...]

Criminal By Brubaker And Phillips To Return For Its 10th Anniversary Year (UPDATE)

Criminal, by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, was their first creator owned comic book together after working together on DC's Sleeper Published in October 2006, it changed both their careers as they fund they were able to make a good living from creator owned comics, followed by Fatale, Incognito and now The Fade Out, continuing[...]

When Comic Creators Draw Album Covers – The Exhibition

Richard Corben did the cover to Meatloaf's Bat Out of Hell,Jaime Hewlett naturally did the covers to the Gorillaz albums, as well as Cud and Senseless Things before it.To Becky Cloonan's brand new cover for Clutch's next LP.They're all part of a new exhibition of comic book creators' work on album covers curated by Sean Phillips, in Kendal, ahead[...]

Evil Dead Remake Director To Helm Incognito Adaptation

Fede Alvarez, director of the Evil Dead remake, has signed on to helm Sony's adaptation of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips comic Incognito The comic is the story of Zack Overkill, a super-villian who testified against his boss The Black Death and was put into the witness protection program Overkill was working as a mailman[...]

Evil Dead's Fede Alvarez To Direct Ed Brubaker And Sean Phillip's Incognito From Sony?

[caption id="attachment_451614" align="alignright" width="292"] Photo by Gage Skidmore[/caption]Last night, Bleeding Cool got the nod that Fede Alvarez, the director of the recent Evil Dead remake, be will be directing the adaptation of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' mature readers superfiction comic book Incognito for Sony Pictures.The comic, about a "science villain" turned supergrass, and being[...]

Sean Phillips Draws Neil Gaiman On A Shirt For Alzheimer's

Recently, Sean Phillips did some illustration work to promote the BBC adaptation of Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and the late Terry Pratchett, that aired, before died from complications related to Alzheimer's disease.Well, today Sean Phillips has unveiled a new piece of Good Omens art, featuring Neil Gaiman brandishing the sword of fire from the[...]