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Lake Como Comic Art Festival Auction
One item unavailable, bu will be auctioned by the show at a later date is a Druuna piece pencilled by her creator Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri and inked by Frank Cho, and intended to be one of a number of collaborative pieces by European and American artists auctioned by the show going forward. And here are all[...]
Lake Como Comic Art Festival Teases 2022 Portfolio, Free To Attendees
Milo Manara, Guillem March, Enrico Marini, Álvaro Martínez Bueno Helena Masellis Mike Mayhew, Dave McKean, Tomeu Morey, Zu Orzu, Casey Parsons, Sean Phillips, Sara Pichelli, Mark Raats, Bruno Redondo, Esad Ribic, Vincenzo Riccardi, Dike Ruan, Daniel Sampere, Matteo Scalera Serpieri, Arantza Sestayo Liam Sharp Olivier Vatine, Kent Williams, with the likes of CB Cebulski going[...]
Lots Of Money To Be Made This Weekend At Thought Bubble In Harrogate
Mure Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou Hamish Steele Rachael Stott Jack Teagle Zoe Thorogood James Tynion IV Ram V Christian Ward War and Peas Ronald Wimberly John Allison Kristyna Baczynski David Barnett Ricardo Bessa Ted Brandt Nick Brokenshire Kit Buss Iban Coello Paul Cornell Fernando Dagnino Dani Paul Davidson Michael Dialynas Jonathan Edwards Tom Eglington Gary Erskine Al Ewing Ingrid Gala Joe Glass Paul Goodenough Abigail Harding Luke Healy Peter Hogan Marc Laming Roger Langridge Stephanie Lavaud John Lees Rachel Luckett Robert Luckett David Mack Guillem March Helena Masellis Leah Moore Tomeu Morey Helen Mullane Guillermo Ortego Zu Orzu Gerald Parel Sean Phillips Casey Parsons John Reppion Mike Perkins Jacob Phillips Jamie[...]
Auto Draft
What stands out to me is more early work from Guillem March called Laura (I wrote about another comic drawn by March with a woman's name, Monika, a while back.) They also announced the second volume of a manhwa called The Breaker, which I've never heard of, but Ablaze says it is buzzy and a[...]
Julia Pennyworth Returns to The Batbooks With The Joker #7 (Spoilers)
Julia Pennyworth was created as Julia Remarque by Gerry Conway and Don Newton, the long-lost daughter of Alfred Pennyworth, first appearing in Detective Comics #501 as the daughter of the French Resistance fighter Madamoiselle Marie. Detetcive Comics #501 by Gerry Conway and Don Newton However, she was recreated for the New 52 by Scott Snyder, James Tynion[...]
Ablaze is publishing in English for the first time, Guillem March's early slice-of-life comic books, Laura And Other Stories, alongside Maria Llovet's Porcelain, more Conan comic books, and Space Pirate Harlock, all in their November 2021 solicits and solicitations. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /*[...]
Laura: ABLAZE Launches Guillem March’s Romantic Drama in November
ABLAZE will publish Guillem March's LAURA this November, a slice-of-life exploration into the mind of a young woman who experiences unrequited love, told in an honest and beautiful way that only writer/artist Guillem March can deliver This is a graphic novel that March wrote and illustrated for the European market before he began drawing superhero[...]
The Joker/Jim Gordon Relationship To Get Weirder (Joker Spoilers)
The Joker #4 is out this week, from James Tynion IV, Sam Johns, Guillem March, Mirka Andolfo, and it's going to get weird Weirder than usual, that is The series has seen Jim Gordon hired by The Court Of Owls to assassinate The Joker for blowing up Arkham Asylum on A-Day and killing 500 residents[...]
Bane Coming Back To The Batbooks?
In Infinite Frontier #0, we saw the death of Bane, at the hands of The Joker's toxic gas, as discovered by the future Peacekeeper 01. But in his newsletter last week, James Tynion IV wrote "for people who think that the original Bane is out of the picture entirely, I'd point them back to the caption[...]
Gotham Gossip: Lady Bane? A New Batman Villain From DC Comics
What might the creative team of James Tynion IV and Guillem March have in mind to help ease the sticker shock? Bleeding Cool gets the word that it may feature a new Batman villain Yes, I know, there have been a lot of those from Tynion of late But a name like Lady Bane may do[...]
Guillem March's Joker and Karmen - The Bleeding Cool Bestseller List
In fact, Joker artist Guillem March had two titles in the top ten, with Karmen from Image, a rarity for an artist Batman: Urban Legends was down further than you may expect for its launch, but beat Non-Stop Spider-Man And Eternals appears to have legs… Bestseller: Guillem March's Joker The Joker #1 Amazing Spider-Man #61 Children of the Atom[...]
DC Joker/Punchline Series From DC
Here's the solicitation for The Joker #1 in March, following on from Infinite Frontier. The Joker #1 Written by James Tynion IV, Sam Johns Art by Guillem March, Mirka Andolfo Covers by Guillem March, Frank Quitely, Francesco Mattina, Riccardo Federici and Mark Brooks. After an unthinkable attack on Gotham City, the Clown Prince of Crime has become the most wanted man in the[...]
DC Comics Previews March 2021
We have a look at the upcoming The Joker comic book from James Tynion IV and Guillem March, with inked, uncoloured and unlettered pages that reveal a little With Jim Gordon on a manhunt for the Joker and going to Abernathy's Bar – named after Batman editor Ben Abernathy. Credit: DC And haunted in his dreams by[...]
DC Joker/Punchline Series From DC
Bleeding Cool told the world the news back in October that James Tynion IV and the rather busy Guillem March were working on an ongoing Batman-related comic book series for DC Comics  as a companion to Tynion's work on Batman with Jorge Jimenez. Now we know that it's an ongoing Joker series. Credit: DC Comics After an unthinkable[...]
Image Comics To Publish Karmen #1 by Guillem March - in March
We just ran the news that Guillem March had a new Image Comics title coming up, and a couple of hours later, we have the press release to confirm it Karmen, originally published by Dupuis in French, will have its English-language debut in March from Image Comics – alongside the launch of a new Batman[...]