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Bill And Ted Are Doomed - But Are Better Than The Film
A couple of weeks after the Bill And Ted Face The Music came out, Dark Horse Comics published Bill and Ted Are Doomed, a comic book with a creative dream team – co-creator of Bill and Ted and screenwriter Ed Solomon, the original writer/artist of the much-acclaimed Bill And Ted comic book from Marvel and[...]
Bill And Ted Are Doomed #1 Out Tomorrow: Preview
As Bill And Ted return with Face The Music – we are also seeing a comic book turn, a new Bill And Ted series written by Evan Dorkin, who created the Marvel series that was a real comic book highlight of the nineties, along with the movie co-creator snd writer Ed Solomon, and drawn by[...]
Everyone Should Be Following Roger Langridge on Instagram
I first became aware of the work of cartoonist Roger Langridge when I was a kid, with his comic book Knuckles The Malevolent Nun, Frankenstein Meets Shirley Temple and Zoot, all pretty edgy-but-silly stuff.  But then I saw his Doctor Who art, and I even got to publish his Bill The Clown in my own[...]
Evan Dorkin and Roger Langridge Bring Bill & Ted Back to Comics
Merging the anarchy of Milk and Cheese with the pop-cultural deep dives of Pirate Corps, it took what was genuinely a better-than-it-ought-to-be series of Bill & Ted movies and gave us a comic book series that was even sillier, funnier and surprisingly heart warming, amongst the time/dimension-travelling and robot-building insanity. Now that we are getting a new movie, Bill &[...]
hawkman (2)
But to be fair, at a time like this, is it an unreasonable conclusion to come to About Hawkman spreading the plague, I mean. Because it also reminded me of a dream that Roger Langridge had, and added to his amazing shutdown feed on Instagram, detailing the daily moments of living in shutdown as a cartoonist[...]
criminy cover
Dark Horse announced via press release Wednesday that they will publish a new original graphic novel by writer Ryan Ferrier and artist Roger Langridge called Criminy in September Described as a "humorous, absurd tale about a family on the run," the book's synposis is below: Criminy follows Daggum Criminy as his peaceful life is suddenly interrupted[...]
Roger Langridge On Why Betty Boop Is Still Relevant
All-new adventures of Betty Boop (with her pals Koko the Clown and Bimbo.) came to Dynamite Entertainment from award-winning writer Roger Langridge and artist Gisele Lagace The cover art here is by the great Howard Chaykin. Now those comics have been collected for Betty's fans in a new TPB edition. Below, writer Roger Langridge discusses his fascination[...]
Writer's Commentary – Roger Langridge On Wrapping Up Betty Boop
Dynamite has sent us a  Writer's Commentary by Roger Langridge for Betty Boop #4, the series finale, on sale now Cover by Langridge and interiors by Gisele Lagace. Page 1 A tone-setting splash page, with the essential elements of the story to come all laid out This month it's movies and fiery pits, and a theme of[...]
Writer's Commentary – Roger Langridge Breaksdown Betty Boop #3
Dynamite Entertainment has sent over Roger Langridge's Writer's Commentary for Betty Boop #3 which hit stands last week. Langridge did the cover below while the interiors are by Gisele Lagace. Page 1 As a way of setting the tone for each issue, I wanted the opening splash page to resemble a 1930s movie poster. It sort of duplicates the[...]
A Writer's Commentary: Roger Langridge talks Betty Boop #1
A Writer's Commentary: Roger Langridge talks Betty Boop #1, on sale now from Dynamite. cover by the great Howard Chaykin and interiors by Gisele Lagace. Page 1 When I wrote this story, I still had no idea who the artist was going to be, but the image I had in my head for the splash page was of[...]
Roger Langridge Tries To Tap Into The Dream-Logic Of Cartoons
Writer Roger Langridge talks to Byron Brewer about re-establishing and modernizing the classic Fleisher character Betty Boop and what if any censorship he has to put on himself The cover art in this article are by Langridge and J Bone. BYRON BREWER: Roger, with issue #3 of Betty Boop, on sale in December, you have really[...]
Empowering A 1930's Icon – Roger Langridge Talks Betty Boop
The return of 1930's animated icon Betty Boop continues as Roger Langridge talks about empowering the famous flapper while keeping the elements that made her a hit Covers for the second issue of the new Dynamite series are by Langrdige and J Bone. BYRON BREWER: Roger, you have told me that you want to keep the[...]