Marvel Finally Stand Behind An LGBTQ Lead?

By Joe Glass


Marvel have teased their first new X-Men title as part of the upcoming Resurrxion, and it's an Iceman solo title.

And my first immediate reaction is to scream 'YAY' followed by 'It's about damn time'.


In terms of letting books be lead by LGBTQ characters, Marvel has been somewhat lacking. When they did have books, in the form of Hercules and Angela: Queen of Hel, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso in his regular CBR hosted interviews, distanced said books and characters from any LGBTQ identification: he denied the former was LGBTQ in the Marvel Universe at all, and the latter he didn't want to 'label'.

That's not to say they've been outright anti-queer inclusion in books, with several characters appearing in team books mainly, and several supporting characters. And they did just have an entire issue of All New X-Men set in a gay bar.


But when you compare to DC's recent reveals of the return of gay led Midnighter & Apollo, the return of Batwoman, which is also  a queer female character written by a queer creative involvement, and the new Ray one-shot, a gay character written and drawn by queer creators and to be part of the new Justice League of America…Marvel have seemed to be dragging their feet a little on the LGBTQ front.


Of course, World of Wakanda comes out soon featuring queer characters in more of a leading position, and now Iceman, a character who by being brought out (and let's face it, he didn't get to come out of the closet, he was BROUGHT out) as a gay man is now by technicality one of the oldest and most high-profile gay characters in comics (although again now technically beaten to the punch by DC with their Wonder Woman is canonically queer decision) is finally getting a leading role title, Marvel finally seems to be taking a step in the right direction.

Of course, all we have so far official PR wise is that this is coming. We shall have to wait to see if Marvel decide to admit the particular LGBTQ interest potential of the book…or if they once again decide not to 'label' it.

Joe Glass is a Bleeding Cool contributor and comic creator. He is the writer and creator of The Pride, about a team of all LGBTQ superheroes, which is available here and on ComiXology. He is also the co-writer on Wales-based horror comedy series, Stiffs, available here and on ComiXology. 

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About Joe Glass

Joe Glass has been contributing to Bleeding Cool for about four years. He's been a roaming reporter at shows like SDCC and NYCC, and also has a keen LGBTQ focus, with his occasional LGBTQ focus articles, Tales from the Four Color Closet. He is also now Bleeding Cool's Senior Mutant Correspondent thanks to his obsession with Marvel's merry mutants. Joe is also a comics creator, writer of LGBTQ superhero team series, The Pride, the first issue of which was one of the Top 25 ComiXology Submit Titles of 2014. He is also a co-writer on Stiffs, a horror comedy series set in South Wales about call centre workers who hunt the undead by night. One happens to be a monkey. Just because.
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