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Comics for Your Pull Box, September 5th, 2018: Prepare for the Coming of the Asgardians of the Galaxy

See you then.Edit: I fixed the Justice League #7 cover. Jim Cheung not Olivier Coipel It looks like we have another Wednesday coming up soon, so I guess I'll tell you which comics look worth a purchase and read Here is a link to ComicList's full catalog, and we'll get started.[caption id="attachment_911920" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Clankillers #3 cover by Antonio Fuso[/caption]Clankillers #3Finola[...]

Top and Bottom 5 Comics for June 13th, 2018: Hawkman Lives

He is flat, uninteresting, and is the main figure in this issue.[caption id="attachment_865837" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Magic Order #1 cover by Olivier Coipel and Dave Stewart[/caption]3 The Magic Order #1The Magic Order has a cliched premise, dull characters, and an unearned tendency towards brutality. Olivier Coipel makes it visually stunning, but it doesn't save the comic from this list.[caption[...]

Magic Order #1 cover by Olivier Coipel and Dave Stewart

The Magic Order #1 Review: We Demand to be Taken Seriously

Another magician called Miss Albany has been stirring trouble in the council, and she is their prime suspect.[caption id="attachment_865837" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Magic Order #1 cover by Olivier Coipel and Dave Stewart[/caption]The Magic Order #1 spends its extended running time setting up the premise of this story The funny thing about that is that it’s premise[...]

Are Mark Millar's Numbers for The Magic Order #1 as Impressive as They Seem?

Today, Mark Millar placed a story at Deadline over the order numbers for his new comic with Olivier Coipel, The Magic Order #1, the first new title created under the auspices of Netflix and published through Image Comics Claiming that pre-orders for The Magic Order are a twenty-year high for a brand-new property launched as[...]

The Magic Order #1

Netflix Debuts Trailer for Mark Millar and Olivier Coipel's The Magic Order

Shocking.Netflix dropped the trailer for The Magic Order today, and what are you doing still reading this? Just skip below and watch it already!Written by Scottish folk hero Mark Millar with art by Olivier Coipel, The Magic Order is a six-issue series, and we'll be damned if Netflix doesn't turn it into a TV show[...]

Action Comics #1000 cover by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and Alex Sinclair

Bleeding Cool's Big Hopping Action Comics #1000 (Admittedly Late) Podcast

We both enjoyed the Geoff Johns, Richard Donner, and Olivier Coipel story with the infamous car from the cover to the original Action Comics #1.In any case, despite the lateness of this particular podcast, I hope you enjoy this discussion of Superman and Action Comics #1000 We certainly enjoyed making it, and my co-hosts were an absolute joy to work with[...]

Action Comics #1000 cover by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and Alex Sinclair

Action Comics #1000 Review: Happy Birthday, Superman

I will say that my personal favorites from the release have to be “The Car” from Geoff Johns, Richard Donner, Olivier Coipel, Alejandro Sanchez, and Nick Napolitano and “Faster Than a Speeding Bullet” by Brad Meltzer, John Cassaday,  Laura Martin, and Chris Eliopoulos, with the one that did the least for me being “Actionland” by[...]

image june 2018 solicits

New Mark Millar and Olivier Coipel Series 'The Magic Order' Begins: Image June 2018 Solicits

Mark Millar and Olivier Coipel team up to bring you The Magic Order, a new fantasy series from Image Comics Plus, new series Last Siege, Shanghai Red, and Stellar premier All of this and more are shown in their June 2018 solicits Details below. [gallery size="large" ids="813604,813605,813606"]THE MAGIC ORDER #1 (OF 6) - GEM OF THE MONTH STORY: MARK MILLAR ART / COVER A: OLIVIER COIPEL COVER[...]

Batman no justice

Is 'No Justice' A Big Story Planned For DC In 2018?

Last Wednesday saw the release of Dark Nights: Metal tie in one shot, Batman Lost, written by Scott Snyder, James Tyion IV, and Joshua Williamson, with art handled by Doug Mahnke, Yanick Paquette, Jorge Jimenez, Jaime Mendoza, Wil Quintana, Nathan Fairbairn, and Alejandro Sanchez.[caption id="attachment_742413" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Batman Lost cover by Olivier Coipel and Dave[...]

Mark Millar Netflix Comics magic order

The Magic Order Is Mark Millar's First Netflix Comic, With Olivier Coipel

Unfortunately, Rob Liefeld is apparently not involved, but he did a pretty good job in selecting his second choice: Olivier Coipel Announced today on Entertainment Weekly (but not in the headline), Coipel will be joining Millar for a six-issue comic called The Magic Order, described as: "Five families of magicians have spent generations protecting humankind while[...]

Marvel Legacy The Mighty Thor #700 Review: Thunder Through The Ages

Russel Dauterman, Olivier Coipel, and Daniel Acuna particularly bring their A-game, and it’s quite cool seeing Walter Simonson brought in, even for a single page.Jason Aaron puts on quite the show for this celebration of Mighty Thor, and it has me interested in the future exploits of Thor, whosever it may be The promised returns[...]

The Mighty Thor

The Mighty Thor #700 Review: A Definite Landmark Issue That Brings The Thunder

Much like the Norns, Aaron takes every single thread and weaves them together into an epic, large story that captures ever aspect of his incredible run on Thor.This is helped by a frankly incredible selection of artists on the issue, from Russell Dauterman, Olivier Coipel, Chris Burnham, James Harren, and Walter Simonson, among many, many[...]

Marvel Ch-Ch-Changes: Unworthy Thor #3, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #14

Over the weekend, Newsarama tried to get in on that action by claiming Olivier Coipel has been replaced on Unworthy Thor #3 by R.B Silva However, Bleeding Cool can EXXXCLUSIVELY report that Newsarama is WRONG Stick to top five lists, boys, and leave this sort of work to the professionals!As it turns out, it won't be R.B[...]

Blood On The Tracks: Where Are The New Black Comics Writers?

Olivier Coipel, in the span of a decade, has gone on to become Marvel’s go-to event artist and Dexter Vines can always be counted on to ink Marvel’s top-tier pencillers but when it comes to writing? There’s just not much going in the way of presence on the comics stands.This is the writer’s name, the[...]

Oh, The Inhumanity – A New Name For The Inhumans

but isn't.No, the main event is Inhumanity, and Inhumanity #1 by Matt Fraction and Olivier Coipel New Inhumans Exploded Attilan Gone Black Bolt But the comic is only about Karnak The Inhuman with super strength, speed and agility - but moreover the ability to spot any flaw, no matter how small, and exploit it.But what[...]

Nostalgia Without The Time Travel – X-Men #1

I did.X-Men #1 by Brian Wood, Olivier Coipel, Mark Morales and Laura Martin is published by Marvel Comics today. When the new X-Men #1 was announced, one of the aspects that people noted was that, just like Uncanny X-Force and Fearless Defenders, it was another Marvel team book that featured just women in the lead[...]

X-Men #1 To Be A Little On The Late Side

It's the big X-Men #1 relaunch by Brian Wood and Olivier Coipel for Marvel NOW It has variant covers by Terry Dodson, Milo Manara, Skottie Young, Nick Bradshaw and more It's part of the X-Men Fiftieth Anniversary, it has the return of Jubilee and it has a female cast.It is also going to be late[...]