Marvel – Is It Time To Reprint The Captain Britain Omnibus?

Do you have the Captain Britain Omnibus? As Bleeding Cool has pointed out, the current X Of Swords event for Marvel is full of references to the classic Dave Thorpe/Alan Davis/Alan Moore run on Captain Britain, published by Marvel UK in the early eighties. From Otherworld to Merlin and Roma, to Saturnyne, to Otherworld, to the Starlight Citadel, to Brian and Betsy Braddock, to the Furies to Mad Jim Jaspers. But the Omnibus that collected all of this remains stubbornly out of print.

Which leads to copies on the aftermarket being listed on for almost a thousand bucks and for £850 used on eBay is slightly more reasonable, with a single copy listed for $500. and one selling for around $475 last month. Almost tempted to let go of my copy…

Marvel - Is It Time To Reprint The Captain Britain Omnibus?
Marvel – Is It Time To Reprint The Captain Britain Omnibus?

Might it be about time that Marvel considers reprinting this in-demand and rather timely volume? You could even advertise it in X Of Swords?

One of the Marvel Universe's most staggering sagas from two of Britain's most remarkable writers, reprinted in total for the first time! Captain Britain fights to save a universe…and fails! But a single reality is small change in the game Merlyn's playing against Mad Jim Jaspers, who's rewriting reality so he's the center of the universe! Worlds collide, heroes and villains die, and Captain Britain's beside himself – except when he's fighting himself…to the death! Featuring the first appearances of the metamorphic Meggan, Opal Luna Saturnyne, the Captain Britain Corps, and more! Plus: Psylocke joins the X-Men, and the X-Men join Captain Britain on a cosmic quest into the secrets of life and death! The fiendish Fury, the horrific Horde, and the malevolent Mojo are only a few of the adversaries who await within! Also guest-starring the New Mutants and Captain America! Collects Marvel Super-Heroes (UK) #377-388, The Daredevils (UK) #1-11, Captain America #305-306, Mighty World of Marvel (UK) #7-16, Captain Britain (UK) #1-14, New Mutants Annual #2, and Uncanny X-Men Annual #11.

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