Marvel Teases "The Death Of The Mighty Thor" In Industry-Changing Press Release

All day long, Marvel has been changing the industry with a series of announcements via media partner websites about which titles they'll be publishing during Marvel Legacy in September (mostly the same ones with a few exceptions), each complimented by a cover homaging a past Marvel classic (and sometimes, if you're lucky, the names of the artists). That seems to have wrapped up, and you can view all of those images here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Now, Marvel has decided to change the industry even more by sending single teasers for the more important announcements out to all comic book sites. The first one, in what is surely a never-before-been-done industry-changing moment, teases the death of a major character: The Mighty Thor!

Of course, since Marvel hasn't actually revealed any information about any of these books, we have no idea if The Mighty Thor will actually be (temporarily) killed off, or if it's just "for the cover." That being said, not killing off a major character might actually be the more industry-changing move.

Check out the teaser, homaging The Death of Captain Marvel, in which Mar-Vell was taken down by cancer, just as Jane Foster could be, below:

Marvel Teases "The Death Of The Mighty Thor" In Industry-Changing Press Release
Mighty Thor by Stephanie Hans


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