Marvel Two-in-One #7 Review: Strong Story, Weak Art

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The Thing, Human Torch, Victor von Doom, and Rachna land on a world torn apart by the Civil War between Captain America and Iron Man. Here, they continue their search for Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Franklin, and Valeria. Instead, they encounter the new power on this world, the Spider and Doctor Strange. They capture the four explorers and put them in the arena.

Marvel Two-in-One #7 cover by Nick Bradshaw
Marvel Two-in-One #7 cover by Nick Bradshaw and Morry Hollowell

Marvel Two-in-One #7 shows us another cool alternate Marvel Earth. A world where Steve and Tony destroy the entire world with their Civil War—well, it doesn't sound entirely impossible given that the likes of Sentry, Ragnarok, and Namor were involved.

A crazed Spider-Man taking over is a neat twist. On top of everything else, Doom forces Ben to face the potential destructive fallout of his deceit. Johnny and Ben finally become privy to Rachna's ulterior motives. All this makes for good character moments throughout the book and even occasionally tug at the emotions.

The pacing of the book remains a strong aspect, as this book tells a sizeable amount of story before it ends.

Marvel Two-in-One #7 art by Ramon Perez and Federico Blee
Marvel Two-in-One #7 art by Ramon Perez and Federico Blee

The art is where this issue faulters. Ramon Perez isn't a bad artist, but his style leaves a lot to be desired. The detailing is strong until midway through the comic. There, the art becomes inconsistent, characters' forms begin to morph, and some characters become really unappealing to look at. Federico Blee's color art isn't bad either, but it also suffers from some inconsistency and an unpolished palette for the setting and narrative tone.

Marvel Two-in-One #7 is another good issue from the Chip Zdarsky series. The art is underwhelming in its presentation, but the story holds its own well. Zdarsky continues to present interesting twists on the Marvel we know while delivering heartwarming character moments with Benjamin J. Grimm and Johnny Storm. This one comes with a recommendation. Check it out.

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