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First Appearance Of The Skrulls, Up for Auction Today
ComicConnect Sponsored Post Fantastic Four #2 may not be as valuable as Fantastic Four #5 – but maybe one day it could be? Because while Fantastic Four #5 has the first appearance of Doctor Doom, Fantastic Four #2 has the first appearance of the Skrulls The alien shape-shifting race who first appeared in the Marvel Cinematic[...]
Marvel Super-Heroes #20 interior page featuring Doctor Doom, Marvel 1969.
Doctor Doom might just be my favorite Marvel Comics character ever There's something about his genius combined with his irrational view of himself and the world that makes Victor Von Doom endlessly fascinating First appearing in Fantastic Four #5 (cover-dated July 1961) Doom's origin and rise to rule in his country Latvia was detailed at[...]
The Fantastic Four's 60th Anniversary: Marvel Teases Big Things To Come.
 But the focus of the image immediately grabs your attention… Doctor Doom appears to be getting married!  Who says love can't conquer all? The cover to Fantastic Four #32 by Mark Brooks, courtesy of Marvel. In the new saga, titled The Bride of Doom, we will indeed see Marvel's top villain walk down the aisle[...]
The Daily LITG, 12th of February 2021
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. Daily LITG: Darth Vader and Doctor Doom –  the ten most-read stories yesterday… LITG: Darth Vader and Doctor Doom – The Daily LITG, 12th of February 2021 The world keeps turning, and America is beginning to heal from all the burns. Darth Vader Sees An Alternate Ending To[...]
Doctor Doom Joins Marvels' Guardians Of The Galaxy
Marvel has revealed their Guardians Of The Galaxy silhouettes, including the reveal of new members Doctor Doom and Quasar Okay, Quasar we had tagged thanks to another cover released that Marvel had forgotten about but Doctor Doom was a surprise. Marvel artwork  The Marvel Universe is in for a whole galaxy of trouble and help will come[...]
Separated At Birth - Star Wars, Doctor Doom and Salvador Larocca
The comparisons between Doctor Doom and Darth Vader are not exactly new ones And with Star Wars artist Salvador Larocca now drawing Marvel Comics' Doctor Doom comic It's not the first time that Salvador's work has appeared in Bleeding Cool's Separated At Birth – you may remember Cocaine Bear – but some folk will have[...]
King In Black Iron Man Doctor Doom #1 Review: Insultingly Bad
That's happening whether you like it or not, but this book posits a drastically dumber side quest to fit with the holiday season. While navel-gazing about an unfortunate tactical sacrifice, Iron Man has Doctor Doom come up and, basically, mess with him Jerk move, but given some of Victor's choices, at least in character That's all[...]
Democracy Comes To Krakoa (X-Men #16 Spoilers)
Well, today's The King In Black: Doctor Doom & Iron Man looks further at the Iron Man that Tony Stark has become, as he encounters Victor Von Doom atop a consumed Manhattan. Credit: Marvel Iron Man/Doctor Doom #1 Well, it is Christmas Even if Tony Stark cannot quite believe his internal cameras Well, the solicitation did describe[...]
Democracy Comes To Krakoa (X-Men #16 Spoilers)
Today sees the publication of the King In Black: Iron Man/Doctor Doom #1 mini-series courtesy of Christopher Cantwell and Salvador Larroca, and it is very Christmassy indeed With these two armoured foes working together again, despite themselves, with all manner of conflict sparking off between the two as they have to plumb to the depths[...]
Classic Iron Man/ Doctor Doom Story On Auction At ComicConnect
Iron Man and Doctor Doom make for a perfect pairing in one of the best Marvel Comics issues you will ever read David Michelinie, John Romita Jr., and Bob Layton spin a tale of the two having to work together back in the days of King Arthur Such great stuff This copy, on auction over[...]
Doctor Doom #9 Review: A Fatal Flaw
An unhealthy obsession with his collegiate rival Reed Richards has forced him to self-sabotage almost everything he's ever done and clouds his work even here as he is poised to become the world-renowned hero he always wanted to be. The cover of Doctor Doom #9 Credit: Marvel At the beginning of this series, the famous Richards made[...]
New Marvel Select Statues Include Firestar, Sabretooth and More
Kicking things off first is the might Doctor Doom who is getting a new 10-inch bust This Latveria ruler features has classic Marvel Comics design as he is displayed on top of a statue base Victor Vin Doom is limited to only 1000 pieces and will come in for a colored box with its very[...]
Marvel Cancels Doctor Doom Comic Book In December
There was no mention of an issue of the Doctor Doom ongoing series in Marvel's January 2021 solicitations, but there was a King In Black: Doctor Doom and Iron Man special in December solicitations as well as #10 from the same creative team of Christopher Cantwell and Salvador Larocca, which might have been seen as[...]
Separated At Birth - Doctor Doom and Cocaine Bear
And now? He's made it to Salvador Larocca and Doctor Doom #7 Here's the memed image: Cocaine Bear meme. And here's the page from Doctor Doom #7 by Salvador Larocca. Doctor Doom #7 by Salvador Larocca. Might this explain why Doctor Doom has to have a metal nose? And what happened to his face? DOCTOR DOOM #7 MARVEL COMICS FEB200970 (W) Christopher Cantwell[...]