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Doctor Doom Iconic Cover Taking Bids At Heritage Auctions
Doctor Doom has had many iconic covers over the years, but Marvel Super-Heroes #20 is the best for my money Arms up in defiance and his cape flowing, the best villain in Marvel cannon getting a solo story is not the only reason this is a key issue It is also the first appearance of[...]
Fantastic Four #2.
One of my favorite moments from the early years of Marvel's Fantastic Four series is Reed Richard's accidental discovery that his classmate Victor Von Doom's calculation in a fateful experiment experimenting on matter transmutation and dimension warps with the aim of combining sorcery and science in a bid to contact the nether world was "off[...]
Doctor Doom Hungers Brains Not Power With New Gentle Giant Statue
Coming in at 7" tall, we return to Earth-2149, where Marvel Zombies reign supreme with their newest limited statue featuring Doctor Doom Doctor Doom is craving some brains with this design from his eerie and terrifying decomposing body from torn flesh to missing fingers The statue features Doctor Doom's classic Marvel Comics costume design with[...]
Doctor Doom Shows His Power With Sideshow’s Newest Statue
Behold the might of Victor Von Doom as Sideshow reveals their newest Marvel Comics statue with Doctor Doom Coming in at 33" tall, the Ruler of Latveria stands proud with a royal banner displayed behind him The sculpted banner can be removed from the Latveria base giving collectors a 27" statue suiting collectors displays Doctor[...]
Cover image for SWORD #7
Way back in Uncanny X-Men #145, Doctor Doom treated Storm to a nice dinner In this preview of SWORD #7, in stores on Wednesday from Marvel Comics, Storm repays the favor, treating Doom to some fine dining on Planet Arakko You would think this would be a fine time for revenge, but instead, Ororo serves[...]
Jack Kirby Doctor Doom Print On Auction Right Now At Heritage Auctions
Jack Kirby drew Doctor Doom for the first time in 1962, and in many ways, nobody has ever drawn him better Never has another artist captured both the horror and regalness of Doom at the same time I have wanted some kind of Doctor Doom Kirby print in my collection for a long time, and[...]
Fantastic Four #33 Review: A Little Far Fetched
Doctor Doom is getting married in Latveria to his long-time cosmic-powered adjutant, Victorious While this marriage is ceremonial in nature — the not-so-good Doctor has no prurient expectations of her — it remains a big show, and Doom wants to make a splash, including having his implacable foil Reed Richards as best man and a[...]
Cover image for MAESTRO WAR AND PAX #5 (OF 5)
An alliance between Maestro and Doctor Doom is about to break down in Maestro War and Pax #5, the finale of this mini-series As Doom attempts to ply Maestro with a feast, it seems Maestro is about to turn on him Will Maestro come out on top in this battle? Well, the book isn't called[...]
Guardians Of The Galaxy #14 Review: Big Trouble
In Guardians of the Galaxy #14, Doctor Doom has found his way deep into space to seize the sword of the emperor of the Kree/Skrull Empire and take over to defeat a coming threat He handily smacked down an entire team of Guardians while another team faced off an ancient threat determined to battle in[...]
Guardians Galaxy
Doctor Doom is a man of many talents One rarely used power is one he learned from an alien race, that of transferring his mind into that of another First used in Fantastic Four #10 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby… Fantastic Four #10 This ability was forgotten for twenty-five years, until John Byrne used it in[...]
Cover image for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #14
Yes, instead of getting ready for his wedding, Doctor Doom is out in space trying to steal a sword from Hulkling Typical Doom stuff, you know But in a surprise twist, when Doom learns he can't take control of the sword, he has a trick up his sleeve: a good old-fashioned body swap! Guardians of the[...]
First Appearance Of The Skrulls, Up for Auction Today
ComicConnect Sponsored Post Fantastic Four #2 may not be as valuable as Fantastic Four #5 – but maybe one day it could be? Because while Fantastic Four #5 has the first appearance of Doctor Doom, Fantastic Four #2 has the first appearance of the Skrulls The alien shape-shifting race who first appeared in the Marvel Cinematic[...]
Marvel Super-Heroes #20 interior page featuring Doctor Doom, Marvel 1969.
Doctor Doom might just be my favorite Marvel Comics character ever There's something about his genius combined with his irrational view of himself and the world that makes Victor Von Doom endlessly fascinating First appearing in Fantastic Four #5 (cover-dated July 1961) Doom's origin and rise to rule in his country Latveria was detailed at[...]