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Howard Stern Working on Doctor Doom Project? What Doctor Doom Project?
Doctor Doom I know, right? Didn't see that coming… In a clip that was posted to social media earlier today, listeners can hear Stern still speaking with his co-host Robin Quivers as the show was readying to end before taking a summer break Now if the clip below is legit (so far, no reason not[...]
God Emperor Doctor Doom Arrives at Diamond with LE 1,000 Piece Statue
The newest one is a limited edition Marvel Comics Diamond Comics 40th Anniversary Doctor Doom Mini-Bust The statue captures Doctor Doom as the God Emperor from the 2015 Marvel Comics event Secret Wars Coming in at 6 inches tall, the statue showcases Doctor Doom in his new white robed look while wielding blue mystical fire[...]
Doctor Doom's Small Facial Scar Returns Across the Multiverse
Doctor Doom, the greatest Fantastic Four villain ever, and a stand out for early Marvel Comics The story goes that Jack Kirby originally intended Fantastic Four's Doctor Doom, rather than have a fully disfigured face under his mask, to have only a small scar on his face. This may have been a later idea of Jack[...]
Wield the Power of Doctor Doom with Mezco Toyz Newest One:12 Figure
However, Marvel Comics fans can rejoice as the iconic villain Doctor Doom is also on the way No Fantastic Four set can be finished without a deadly villain to go against in Mezco Toyz has delivered Doctor Doom will feature everything you want with the iconic supervillain with swappable heads, removable metal mask, fabric cloak,[...]
Fantastic Four #40 (Marvel, 1965).
Many readers know that atomic radiation in one form or another was responsible for the development of the powers of some of the most important heroes at the dawn of Marvel's Silver Age, but radiation could take away such powers as well.  Such was the case for one of Marvel's most memorable mid-1960s stories, which[...]
New Black Panther Costume Designed To Fight Doctor Doom (Spoilers)
A book that has been throwing the Marvel Universe – and Multiverse – at the Avengers, who are throwing every aspect of the Avengers back, an infinite variety of Avengers across time, space and reality in a battle against the longest of long games being played by Mephisto – all of him. But now as Black[...]
Fantastic Four Annual #2 featuring the origin of Doctor Doom (Marvel, 1964).
Doctor Doom might just be my favorite Marvel Comics character ever There's something about his genius combined with his irrational view of himself and the world that makes Victor Von Doom endlessly fascinating First appearing in Fantastic Four #5 (cover-dated July 1961) Doom's origin and rise to rule in his country Latveria was detailed at[...]
Cover image for Wastelanders: Doom #1
Check out the preview below. Wastelanders: Doom #1 by Torunn Gronbekk & Julius Ohta, cover by Josemaria Casanovas THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING! DOCTOR DOOM helped wipe out the heroes on the Day the Villains Won, but even as he rules his domain in the Wastelands, a greater destiny calls to him When a mysterious power blocks his[...]
Doctor Doom Is The Latest Mondo Tiki Mug Star
Doctor Doom is the recipient of three new Mondo tiki mugs, the latest release from the company that has been making some of the best tiki examples on the market The three mugs available include the Four Color, the Doomsday, and the Metal Face Each stands at 6.65 inches tall and can hold up to[...]
Doctor Doom Iconic Cover Taking Bids At Heritage Auctions
Doctor Doom has had many iconic covers over the years, but Marvel Super-Heroes #20 is the best for my money Arms up in defiance and his cape flowing, the best villain in Marvel cannon getting a solo story is not the only reason this is a key issue It is also the first appearance of[...]
Fantastic Four #2.
One of my favorite moments from the early years of Marvel's Fantastic Four series is Reed Richard's accidental discovery that his classmate Victor Von Doom's calculation in a fateful experiment experimenting on matter transmutation and dimension warps with the aim of combining sorcery and science in a bid to contact the nether world was "off[...]
Doctor Doom Hungers Brains Not Power With New Gentle Giant Statue
Coming in at 7" tall, we return to Earth-2149, where Marvel Zombies reign supreme with their newest limited statue featuring Doctor Doom Doctor Doom is craving some brains with this design from his eerie and terrifying decomposing body from torn flesh to missing fingers The statue features Doctor Doom's classic Marvel Comics costume design with[...]