The Men Who Took Away Zarkov's Pants, Ben Acker And Ben Blacker Talk King: Flash Gordon

Here is the other half of yesterdays writer to writer interview. Brian Clevinger, writer on KING: Phantom #1, talks with writers Ben Acker and Ben Blacker about KING: Flash Gordon #1, both on sale now! And with the way this interview went, I'm surprised one of the questions wasn't asking if it's supposed to be pronouned Gor-Don

KingFlash01CovDIncenSalasColBRIAN CLEVINGER: Acker and Blacker? C'mon, admit it. You guys did that on purpose to sound catchy, right?

BEN ACKER: The rhyming names thing? Of course we did.

BEN BLACKER: Our real names are really boring – especially together as a pair.

Acker: Our real names are Ted Fireworks and Ted Hurricane.

Blacker: Those don't rhyme. Like at all.

Acker: And "Ted?" We'd never get work as Teds.

Blacker: Your name is crazy too "Brian Clevinger!" Why'd you choose it?

Acker: With what or whom does it rhyme?

KingFlash01CovCIncenLiefeldClevinger: King: Flash Gordon #1 was a really fun, dare I say rollicking, space adventure. And Zarkov with no pants?! Where the heck can you go from there?

Acker: This is not a spoiler so much as fulfilling the dreams of everyone everywhere, but we are going to leave him with no pants for a while.

Blacker: And we are going to go to different parts of space with it. With no-pants Zarkov.

Acker: Yeah, they are heading space east with no-pants Zarkov.

Blacker: Magnetic space east.

Acker: Can we get no pants Zarkov trending on Twitter? Off Twitter? In space?

KingFlash01CovACookeColClevinger: Flash Gordon! No, guys, I am NOT jealous!

Acker: Great question. Would you like to handle this, Mr. Blacker?

Blacker: I'm Acker.

Acker: Are you sure?

Blacker: Oh wait, no.

Acker: It doesn't matter.

Blacker: Never mind. I'm Blacker. It's cool. And I'll handle #3 which is obviously Jeopardy style. And the question is: "What are you jealous of? Probably NOT because you're writing The Phantom!"

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