Meredith And David Finch, On Whether Wonder Woman Could Be In A Same-Sex Relationship


We know that this scene is coming in Wonder Woman's future. We just don't know how soon. But I'm going with "pretty soon". But with Wonder Woman and Superman on the outs, where does that lead

At Fan Expo the other week, Meredith and David Finch held a Wonder Woman panel talking about heir current work on the DC Comics character.

Wonder Woman is still in the news for the character officiating a same-sex wedding in companion title Sensation Comics. Ongoing solo series writer Meredith Finch stated she was not opposed to portraying Wonder Woman in a same-sex relationship in the near future. She commented that it would be a logical move, that there was precedence with Hippolyta, with her husband David Finch backing that line of thought, saying it could be done easily.

However neither want to force it and want such a fictional relationship to develop naturally within the comic. But they cited Catwoman as another title that had explored that aspect recently, it's not something DC Comics is averse to.


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