Mickey Cosplays As The Rocketeer To Save The Day: Mickey Mouse #18

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This story has finally hit it's climax with Mickey realizing who's behind the evil robots taking over Robopolis. I won't give it away, but this has been the best chapter in this story arc thus far. Mickey steps up to the plate to save the day.

//Eliot – this took ages, obv

The great thing about this story is the various pop culture references. Of course Mickey's gal pal Roxette (left) is still here. The character is impossibly adorable. And of course, she's got the look. I've talked about her in my review of Mickey Mouse #17!


The robots in the story are called Dragoon Panzers, which is also the name of a video game series that started in 1995. I've played the first Dragoon Panzer on Saturn before and it's pretty excellent. Panzer itself translates as "armored fighting vehicle" which is exactly what these evil robots are.

Check these folks out in the previous issue...
//Check these folks out in issue #17…

When Mickey appears to save the day he shows up in a Rocketeer like costume, giving a gracious nod to one of the best modern comics of our time and also a severely underrated Disney film. While the rocket itself isn't the same as Cliff's, the outfit is obviously inspired by the character. The outfit made an appearance on the cover of issue #17 as well, and that is also a fantastic cover!

Mickey Mouse Page 18 last panel

The rest of the comic is general Disney fluff. That's not a bad thing though. As a Disney fan I want something light and easy to read. I don't really want to watch Mickey Mouse go against say, Hitler (although Donald at one point did do that). I read Disney comics for mindless fun, and that's what the Mickey Mouse series from IDW offers.

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